Convert Excel to Google Sheets (Easiest Way in 2023)

4 Miniutes

In this article we will show you how to convert Excel to Google Sheets in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below.

Convert an Excel File to Google Sheets Via File Import

1. Open a Google Sheet and From the File menu click ‘Import’

Open Google Sheets and in the file menu click Import .

How do i convert an excel spreadsheet to Google Sheets

2. Select the File Import Method  

A popup box will appear showing different locations to import your excel file from.

  • My drive
  • Shared with me
  • Recent
  • Upload 

In our example we will upload a file from our computer by clicking Browse in the ‘upload’ option.

Converting an excel file to Google Sheets

3. Select the Location of the File to Import

In the file location popup window, select the location on your computer where your excel file is located. 

Select the file and then click the Open button.

Uploading a file to convert to Google Sheets

4. Select the Import Method from the Dropdown Menu

A new menu will appear that will display different import options for your excel file.

In our example below, we will import an excel spreadsheet into the blank Google Sheets page we already have open so we will click “Replace spreadsheet”.

Converting excel files into Google Sheets 

A warning will appear letting you know that any pre-existing data in your google sheet will be lost and replaced with your imported excel sheet. 

How to import and convert excel files into Google Sheets

5. Click Import Data to Import your Excel Spreadsheet into Google Sheets

The file will then open in Google Sheets and will be immediately converted from excel to google sheets.

Converting files from excel to Google Sheets automatically 

Convert an Excel File to Google Sheets Via Save As

1. Open Google Drive and upload an Excel File. 

In Google Drive, right click in the center of the screen and from the dropdown menu select File upload.

Convert excel to Google Sheets 

A file explorer window will appear. Select the location of your file, then click it to upload.

Alternatively, drag and drop the file directly into your Google Drive.

In the below example we have dragged and dropped the file.

How to convert an excel spreadsheet to Google Sheets

2. Double Click on the Excel File to Open it in Google Sheets.

Once your excel file appears in your drive folder you can double click it to automatically open it  in Google Sheets.

Note at the top of the page the excel file type “.XLSX” is displayed.

Automatically convert excel spreadsheet to Google Sheets

3. From the File Drop Down Menu Select “Save as Google Sheets”

To convert your excel file to Google Sheets, click File in the file menu. From the dropdown select Save as Google Sheets

How to convert excel spreadsheet to Google Sheets

4. The File has Now Been Converted from Excel to Google Sheets

A new window will open to display your file, this time in Google Sheets format. The “.XLSX” display will also have been removed from the top of the page.

How to convert an excel file to Google Sheets

5. Return to Google Drive to see both files  

In your Google Drive folder both files will now be present, one in Excel format and the other in Google Sheets format. 

In our below example, the new Google Sheets file is on the right (with the .XLSX excel file type)

How to convert an excel file to Google Sheets

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