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Where to Find SKU Numbers [2024 Update]

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In this article, we will cover where to find SKU numbers on packaging and how to find them online. Read on to learn more.

where to find sku number

Where to find SKU Numbers?

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) numbers can be found in various places depending on the context:

Product Packaging: The SKU number is often printed on the packaging of physical products. Look for it on labels, stickers, or tags. It is typically near the barcode.

Online Retailer Websites: The SKU number is usually provided in the product description or details on the retailer's website when shopping online. It might also be visible when you add the item to your shopping cart.

Manufacturer's Website: The official website of the product's manufacturer often has detailed product information, including SKU numbers, in their product catalogs or support sections.

Receipts and Invoices: The SKU number is often listed on your receipt or invoice when you make a purchase. This is especially useful for keeping track of items you've bought.

Product Manuals: For certain products, especially electronics and appliances, the SKU number may be listed in the product's manual or documentation. 

Barcodes: In some cases, the SKU number may be encoded within the product's barcode. You can use a barcode scanner or mobile app to read the barcode and extract the SKU information.

Inventory Management Systems: In a business or retail setting, SKU numbers are an essential part of inventory management systems. They can be found in the company's inventory records or databases.

Customer Support: If you're having trouble finding the SKU number for a product, you can contact the manufacturer or retailer's customer support for assistance. They may be able to provide you with the SKU based on other information you provide.

how to find sku number

How to Find SKU Numbers Online?

To find SKU numbers online, you can follow these steps: 

Product Listings on Retail Websites:

Retail websites like Amazon, eBay, and the official websites of manufacturers and retailers are excellent places to start your search. Let's say you bought a digital camera on Amazon, and you need its SKU number:

Login Amazon: Visit Amazon's website and log in to your account.

Order history: Search for the digital camera in your order history and click on the product.

SKU in details: In the product details section, you'll find the SKU number listed alongside other product information.

Product Documentation:

Product documentation is often available in digital format on online stores, especially for electronic gadgets or appliances. Suppose you purchased a microwave oven online:

Search Engine: Check the product listing on the retailer's website for a link to the product manual or documentation.

Review Results: Download the documentation, and within it, you should find the SKU number listed alongside technical specifications and details.

Search Engines:

Sometimes, a simple online search can lead you to the SKU number you're looking for. Let's say you have a Dell laptop and need its SKU number:

Open a search engine: Use a search engine (e.g. and enter "Dell laptop [model name] SKU" in the search bar.

2. Review the search results; you may find relevant product pages or forums where the SKU number is mentioned.

Manufacturer's Website:

The official website of the product's manufacturer is a valuable resource for SKU information. Suppose you own a Samsung smartphone and want to find its SKU number:

Samsung Website: Go to the official Samsung website and navigate to the "Support" or "Products" section.

Model or Categories: Enter your smartphone's model name or browse the product categories.

Product Page: On the product page, you'll discover detailed information, including the SKU number.

Online Retailer Customer Support:

If you've hit a dead end and can't locate the SKU number, don't hesitate to reach out to the customer support of the online retailer where you made your purchase. Let's say you bought a fitness tracker:

Contact Support: Contact the customer support team, and they will assist you in retrieving the SKU number, especially if you provide proof of purchase like an order number or receipt.

Third-Party Inventory Databases:

For more obscure products, third-party inventory databases can be a helpful resource. Suppose you have a vintage vinyl record and need its SKU number:

Database Visit: Visit a specialized inventory database website, such as Discogs.

Record Search: Search for the vinyl record by its artist and title.

Database SKU: The database may display the SKU number, if available, along with other details about the record.

Online Forums and Communities:

Online communities and forums related to your product or industry can be treasure troves of information. Suppose you collect rare coins and want to identify a coin's SKU:

Join Forum: Join a numismatic forum or community dedicated to coin collecting.

Discuss/Search: Start a discussion or search through existing threads where collectors share information, including SKU numbers, for specific coins.

We hope that this article has now left you with a better understanding of where to find SKU numbers.

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