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What is an FNSKU Barcode? Everything you Need to Know in 2024

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In this article, we explore what FNSKU barcodes are and the process of creating one. Read on to learn more. 

FNSKU barcode

What is an FNSKU Barcode?

FNSKU stands for Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit. An FNSKU barcode is a unique identifier that Amazon assigns to products that are stored in and fulfilled from its warehouses. This identifier distinguishes a product as a specific item, associated with a specific seller, within Amazon's vast fulfillment network.


Let's assume the FNSKU assigned by Amazon for this particular product and seller combination is: X123Y456Z789.

Here's a breakdown to illustrate:

  1. FNSKU Barcode: It would be represented in a barcode format, most commonly a Code 128-A barcode. For the purpose of this text-based example, let's use a series of numbers to represent this:
    (Note: This is just a placeholder representation. In real life, it would be a series of varying widths of bars and spaces that could be scanned by a barcode scanner.)
  2. Below the Barcode: The human-readable version of the FNSKU will be displayed. This is the unique alphanumeric string assigned by Amazon.
  3. Additional Information: Depending on the seller's preferences, the label could also have the product's name or description below or beside the FNSKU:
    MysticBlaze Starry Night Puzzle
  4. Label Dimensions: The entire label, including the barcode, FNSKU, and product name, would ideally fit within a space of about 1" x 2 5/8".
  5. Placement: This FNSKU label would be placed on the exterior of the MysticBlaze Starry Night Puzzle box. If the puzzle box already has a UPC or another manufacturer's barcode, the FNSKU label should be positioned to cover that original barcode.

By applying this label to the product, when it enters Amazon's fulfillment center, workers can scan the barcode, and the system will recognize it as the MysticBlaze Starry Night Puzzle belonging to the seller GalaxyGames. This ensures accurate tracking, storage, and shipping of the product within Amazon's network.

Why is the FNSKU Barcode Important?

The importance of FNSKU barcodes can be attributed to several key reasons. Some of these include:

Inventory Distinction: 

Amazon's fulfillment centers handle millions of products daily. The FNSKU barcode ensures that each product is accurately tracked, stored, and shipped based on the seller it originates from. This distinction is crucial, especially if a seller has unique variations or bundles that aren't represented by a standard UPC.

Protects Brand Integrity: 

For brands and sellers with proprietary products, ensuring that customers receive the genuine product they've ordered is paramount. The FNSKU ensures that a customer gets the exact product tied to a specific seller's inventory.

Returns & Refunds: 

When a customer returns a product, the FNSKU barcode ensures that the returned item goes back into the inventory of the original seller. This process minimizes errors and helps sellers maintain accurate inventory counts.

Quality Control: 

In instances where a product is found to be defective or doesn't meet Amazon's quality standards, the FNSKU allows Amazon to pinpoint the specific seller and notify them of the issue. This system aids sellers in maintaining high product quality and avoiding potential account suspensions.

FNSKU bar code

5 Step Process to Create an FNSKU Barcode

Creating an FNSKU barcode is a straightforward process within the Amazon Seller Central platform:

1. Set Up Your Product

Begin by creating a new product listing in Amazon Seller Central. Make sure all product details, descriptions, and attributes are correctly filled out.

2. Choose “Stickered Inventory”

When prompted to choose between “Stickerless, Commingled Inventory” or “Stickered Inventory,” select the latter. This means each item will require an FNSKU barcode sticker.

3. Generate FNSKU

Once your product listing is complete, Amazon will automatically generate an FNSKU for the product. Navigate to the 'Manage Inventory' page and find your product. Click the 'Edit' dropdown, and select 'Print Item Labels'. You will be provided with the FNSKU barcode that you can print.

4. Labeling

Print the FNSKU barcodes and affix them to your products. Ensure that the barcode is easily scannable and is placed in a location on the product where it won't be obscured or damaged.

5. Send to Amazon

Once your products are labeled, you can prepare them for shipment to an Amazon fulfilment center.

FNSKU barcodes

Example of Creating an FNSKU Barcode

Let’s say, you have a product “LunarLite Moon-themed Desk Lamp” and you want to generate the FNSKU barcode for it. Here’s how:

1. Set Up Your Product

  • Product Name: LunarLite Moon-themed Desk Lamp
  • Description: A touch-sensitive, rechargeable desk lamp that mimics the phases of the moon. Comes with adjustable brightness and a wooden stand.
  • Category: Home & Kitchen > Lighting > Desk Lamps

You've entered all the necessary attributes and details for your product in Amazon Seller Central.

2. Choose “Stickered Inventory”

While setting up the product, you're asked to choose between “Stickerless, Commingled Inventory” or “Stickered Inventory.” Considering you want a unique identifier for each LunarLite Desk Lamp, you opt for “Stickered Inventory.”

3. Generate FNSKU

Upon completion of the product listing, Amazon automatically generates an FNSKU for LunarLite Moon-themed Desk Lamp. To find it, you go to the 'Manage Inventory' page, locate the LunarLite lamp listing, click on the 'Edit' dropdown, and choose 'Print Item Labels'. A barcode, let's say FNSKU-LL1234MNLAMP, is displayed for you to print.

4. Labeling

You print out a sheet of FNSKU-LL1234MNLAMP barcodes. Using a clear adhesive, you carefully stick one barcode on the bottom of each LunarLite Desk Lamp's box, ensuring that it's smooth, easily scannable, and won't get damaged during shipping or handling.

5. Send to Amazon

With all your LunarLite Moon-themed Desk Lamps labeled and packed securely, you then proceed to create a shipping plan in Seller Central to send your inventory to one of Amazon's fulfillment centers.

We hope our article has now left you with a better understanding of FNSKU barcodes and how to create one.

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