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Create Valid Codes with our EAN-13 Barcode Generator

The European Article Number (EAN-13) is a 13-digit barcoding standard that's primarily used outside of North America. Each EAN-13 code uniquely identifies a product type, manufacturer, and particular item.

Structure of EAN-13:

Country Code (Prefix) (1-3 digits):

Purpose: This code indicates the country where the product was registered. This doesn't necessarily mean the country where the product was manufactured but the country where the company is headquartered or where its logistics center is located.

Example: 690 to 695 are the EAN-13 country codes for China. So if a product's EAN-13 barcode starts with any number within this range, it means the product was registered in China.

Manufacturer Code (4-7 digits usually, but it can vary):

Purpose: Assigned by the GS1 organization of the respective country. Each manufacturer or company receives a unique code when they register. Larger companies might receive shorter codes because they have a broader range of products, while smaller companies might have longer codes.

Example: Let's assume a company in China registers and is assigned the manufacturer code 12345. Then, any product they produce will have an EAN-13 barcode that starts with the country prefix followed by this manufacturer code: 69012345....

Product Code (typically 3-6 digits, but this varies based on the length of the Manufacturer Code):

Purpose: This code is assigned by the manufacturer to each unique product. It differentiates each product from others within the same manufacturer's range.

Example: Using the previous manufacturer code example, let's say the company releases two products. They might assign the product codes 001 and 002 respectively. The resulting barcodes would be 69012345001... and 69012345002....

Check Digit (1 digit):

Purpose: This is a mechanism to verify the integrity of the barcode. If there's an error in the barcode's input or scan, the check digit will help in identifying such errors.

Example Calculation:

For the code 690123450012:

  1. Add all the digits in odd positions: 6+0+2+4+0+1=136+0+2+4+0+1=13.
  2. Multiply the result by 3: 13×3=3913×3=39.
  3. Add all the digits in even positions: 9+1+3+5+0+2=209+1+3+5+0+2=20.
  4. Sum the results of the two previous steps: 39+20=5939+20=59.
  5. To determine the check digit, find the number that needs to be added to this sum to get the next multiple of 10: 59+1=6059+1=60. Thus, the check digit is 1.
  6. Therefore, the complete EAN-13 code would be 6901234500121.

How to Create a Valid EAN-13 Barcode:

1. Determine the Country Code:

Check an EAN country code list to determine the appropriate code for your product or company.

Example: 380 is for Bulgaria and 890 is for India.

2. Assign Manufacturer and Product Codes:

If you're an established business, you might already have a manufacturer code.

If not, and you need to generate barcodes for products, you will need to apply for a unique manufacturer code from a local GS1 organization.

Assign each product a unique product code. This must be consistent; once you assign a code to a product, it should not change.

3. Calculate the Check Digit:

The check digit is calculated using a specific formula:

Add up all the digits in odd-numbered positions (1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.).

Multiply the result by 3.

Add up all the digits in even-numbered positions (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.).

Sum the results of steps 2 and 3.

The check digit is the number which, when added to the result, rounds up to the nearest multiple of 10.

For example,

with the code 123456789012:

  1. Odd Position Sum: 1+3+5+7+9+1=261+3+5+7+9+1=26
  2. Odd Position Sum x 3 = 26×3=7826×3=78
  3. Even Position Sum: 2+4+6+8+0+2=222+4+6+8+0+2=22
  4. Total Sum: 78+22=10078+22=100
  5. The nearest multiple of 10 to 100 is 100 itself. Therefore, the check digit is 0.
  6. Combine All Components:
  7. Put all the numbers together: Country Code + Manufacturer Code + Product Code + Check Digit.
  8. Example: 3801234567890
  9. Generate the Barcode:
  10. Use EAN-13 Barcode generator to generate the EAN-13 barcode using the 12 digits you've composed. The tool should calculate and add the check digit automatically.

Remember, to ensure that your barcodes are universally unique and scannable across retail systems worldwide, you should join a GS1 member organization and get an official manufacturer code. Using made-up codes may lead to conflicts and scanning issues.

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