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How to Make an Escape Room on Google Forms (2024 Update)

In this article, we will show you how to make an escape room on Google Forms. Simply follow the process below. 

Escape Room Template for Google Forms

Click here to make a copy of our free Escape Room template for Google Forms.

how to make an escape room on google forms

How to Make an Escape Room on Google Forms

Follow the steps below to create an escape room in Google Forms. 

1. Open Google Forms and Start a New Quiz

Go to Google Forms, and start a new form.

escape room google forms

Click on settings and turn on "Make this a quiz." This sets your form to quiz mode, allowing for automatic scoring and feedback.

google forms escape room

2. Enter Quiz Details

Title your quiz "The Mystery of the Stolen Gem" and add a brief description of the scenario. Mention that participants will act as detectives solving the mystery.

how to create an escape room in google forms

3. Customize Theme

Click on the palette icon to choose a theme color and font that matches the detective mystery theme.

Creating an engaging visual theme enhances the experience.

4. Add Introduction Section

Create the first section as your introduction. Explain the background of the stolen Sapphire Gem and the objective of the quiz.

This section introduces the story to engage participants right from the start.

5. Create Puzzle Sections and Questions

For each puzzle, add a new section.

In each section, add a multiple-choice question for the puzzle. Write down the question and the multiple-choice options, marking the correct answer for each.

6. Set Correct Answers and Feedback

For each multiple-choice question, click on the "Answer key" at the bottom of the question.

Select the correct answer and assign points. You can also add answer feedback for correct and incorrect answers.

This step enables automatic grading and provides immediate feedback to participants.

7. Direct Participants Based on Answers

For each question, use the three-dot menu to select "Go to section based on answer."

Set the quiz to direct participants to the next puzzle if they answer correctly, or to a custom section that encourages them to try again if they answer incorrectly.

This creates a dynamic path through the quiz, enhancing the interactive experience.

8. Set Confirmation Message

After the last puzzle, go to the form settings. Under the "Presentation" tab, find "Confirmation message." Replace the default message with a personalized congratulation message.

Example message: "Congratulations, Detective! You've successfully solved the mystery of the stolen Sapphire Gem. Your sharp wit and keen eye have proven invaluable today. Thank you for helping us solve this case. Feel free to play again or share this challenge with friends to see if they can match your detective skills!"

9. Test and Share Your Quiz

Before sharing, go through the quiz by clicking the preview icon to ensure everything works as intended. Adjust as necessary.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to make an escape room on Google Forms. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on the difference between responder input vs verified in Google Forms or our article on how to make a waitlist on Google Forms. 

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