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How to Add a Description to a Question in Google Forms (2024)

In this article, we will show you how to add a description to a question in Google Forms. Simply follow the process below. 

How to Add a Description to a Question in Google Forms

Follow the process below to easily add descriptive text to your questions in Google Forms and enhance clarity and guidance for your respondents.

1. Open or Create a New Google Form

Begin by opening your Google Forms page. Make sure you are in the editing mode of the form.

how to add a description to a question in google forms

2. Activate the Question for Editing

In your form, find the question where you want to add a description. Click on this question to bring up the editing options. If you haven’t added a question yet, click on the '+' button to add one.

google forms add description to question

3. Access More Options for the Question

Look at the bottom right corner of the question box you’re editing. Here, you’ll see three vertical dots, which is the 'More options' menu. Click on this to view additional settings for the question.

4. Enable the Description Field for the Question

In the 'More options' menu, various options will appear. Click on the option labeled 'Description'. This will add a text box directly under your question where you can type in your description.

5. Enter the Description in the Provided Field

A new field labeled 'Description' appears below your question. Click inside this box and type the description that you want to include. This should provide additional context or instructions related to the question.

6. Preview the Form to Review Description

To see how your description will appear to respondents, click on the eye-shaped 'Preview' icon at the top of the form.

This opens a new tab showing how your form will look when someone fills it out. Check to ensure your description is visible and understandable.

7. Confirm and Save Your Changes

After reviewing your form in the preview mode, return to the editing tab. Google Forms automatically saves your changes, so once you’re satisfied with how your description looks, you can close the form or continue editing other parts.

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