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Google Forms Skip Logic: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

In this article, we will cover the Google Forms skip logic feature and show you how to add skip logic in Google Forms. Simply follow the steps below.

What is Skip Logic in Google Forms?

Skip logic in Google Forms allows you to direct respondents to different questions based on their previous answers, creating a customized survey path. It streamlines the survey-taking experience by skipping irrelevant questions for individual users.

Skip Logic in Google Forms

Follow the process below to guide respondents through a personalized path based on their answers using skip logic in Google Forms. 

1. Identify Questions to Apply Skip Logic

Start with the initial screening question: "Did you attend the Conference?" This question will branch out to different sections based on whether the attendee participated.

google forms skip logic

2. Create New Sections for Different Paths

For each part of the event (Workshops, Keynote Speeches, Networking Sessions), add a new section by clicking the 'Add section' button on the right. Also, create a final section for those who didn't attend, titled "Final Section"

skip logic in google forms
skip logic google forms

3. Distribute Questions Across Sections

Organize the survey by placing follow-up questions under their respective sections. For instance, after the "Workshops" section title, add questions related to the workshop experience.

does google forms have skip logic

4. Enable Skip Logic for a Question

On the initial question about conference attendance, click the bottom-right three-dot menu and activate 'Go to section based on the answer.'

how to add skip logic in google forms

Here, direct attendees to the next question about participation aspects and the final section.

5. Assign Sections to Answer Choices 

Link each answer to the "Participation Aspect" question with the corresponding section. For example, if someone selects 'Workshops,' the form will direct them to the "Workshop" section.

6. Conduct a Skip Logic Test Run

Thoroughly test each path by using the preview function. Click through each answer as if you were an attendee and a non-attendee, ensuring every path leads to the correct section and that all skip logic works seamlessly.

7. Save the Form with Skip Logic

After confirming that the skip logic functions as expected, your form is automatically saved. It is now effectively tailored to gather detailed feedback from different types of attendees.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of the Google Forms Skip Logic feature and how to add skip logic in Google Forms. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on advanced Google Forms features or our article on Google Forms phone number validation. If you are trying to create a Google Forms approval workflow, we also suggest checking out our detailed guide. 

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