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Google Forms RSVP: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

In this article, we will show you how to create Google Forms for RSVP and how to view responses via the Google Forms and Google Sheets interface. Simply follow the process below to streamline the management of your event invitations. 

RSVP - Google Forms

Here's how to create an RSVP form using Google Forms.

How to Create Google Forms for RSVP

Here’s how to create RSVP Google Forms: 

1. Choose a Blank Form or Template

You can either click on the plus sign (+) to open a new blank form or you can also browse through the template gallery and select a pre-designed RSVP form. 

google forms rsvp

2. Title Your Form

Customize the name of your form to reflect the nature of your event. Click on the placeholder text that reads "Untitled Form" at the top of the page. Enter a descriptive title, such as "John's 18th Birthday Bash RSVP."

rsvp - google forms

3. Create RSVP Questions

Click the "+" button on the vertical toolbar to the right of your form. This allows you to add a variety of questions.

google forms for rsvp

Include essential fields such as the guests’ name, contact information, and a multiple-choice question for attendance status (e.g., "Are you coming to the event?").

rsvp google forms

4. Edit Question Types

From the dropdown menu on the right side of each question, you can choose different types of responses. You can use "Short answer" for open-ended questions.

google form rsvp

You can use "Multiple choice" for questions where you want to limit the responses to your options.

google forms for rsvp

5. Make Questions Mandatory

Ensure you receive all the necessary information by requiring responses to certain questions. Toggle the switch at the bottom right of a question to make it required. 

google form for rsvp

6. Customize the Look

Click the palette icon in the top right corner.

google forms - rsvp

You can change the color scheme or add a custom header image that resonates with your event's branding or theme.

google form - rsvp

7. Customize Confirmation Message

Navigate to "Settings," find the "Presentation" tab, and then click "Edit" next to the "Confirmation message" section.

google form - rsvp

Here, type in a thank you message or any follow-up information you want to provide and then select "Save."

8. Test Your Form

Use the eye icon at the top of the page to preview your form. This is where you can fill out the form as if you are an invitee to test functionality and flow.

9. Share Your RSVP Form

Via Email

If you wish to send your form directly via email, click "Send," choose the envelope icon, and enter your desired email addresses. You can also write a personalized message to accompany the form before clicking "Send."

Get Shareable Link

For broader distribution, click the chain link icon in the 'Send' panel. This allows you to copy a link to your form, which you can then share through various platforms.

Embed Code

If you're looking to integrate the RSVP form on your website, click the "< >" icon. Here, you can customize the size of the form and copy the provided HTML code to embed it on your site.

View RSVP in Google Forms

Here’s how to view responses directly in the Google Forms interface:

1. Access All RSVP Data in the Forms' Responses Tab

To see the collected RSVPs, click the "Responses" tab. This gives you an overview of the total submissions and detailed access to each response.

2. Inspect Each RSVP Submission Individually

For a closer look at individual submissions, select "Individual" within the Responses tab. This allows you to review each participant’s responses separately.

3. Get a Visual Overview of All Responses

Opt for the 'Summary' view to get a quick visual summary of the responses.

View RSVP in Google Sheets

For an organized and detailed analysis of guest responses, here’s how you can view responses in the Google Sheets interface:

1. Sync RSVP Responses with a New or Existing Google Sheet

By clicking the green "Link to Sheets" icon, you can sync all responses to a new spreadsheet or an existing one for advanced data management.

2. Review RSVP Responses in Google Sheets

Once the data is in Google Sheets, you can use the features of spreadsheets to sort, filter, and analyze RSVP information as needed.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to create Google Forms for RSVP. You might also like our articles on pre-filled Google Forms and how to edit your Google Form after submission. To optimize your workflow better, we recommend reading our guide on setting up email alerts for new Google Forms responses.

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