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Google Forms Locked Mode: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

In this article, we will explore what the Google Forms locked mode feature is and how to set up the locked mode on Google Forms. Read on to learn more.

Locked Mode Google Forms

google forms locked mode

What is the Google Forms Locked Mode Feature?

Google Forms Locked Mode is a feature designed for administering secure, distraction-free quizzes and tests. It restricts students from accessing other websites, applications, or resources on their Chromebooks while taking a quiz to ensure they remain focused solely on the quiz content.

Main Features

Browser Restriction: Prevents students from opening other tabs, apps, or performing web searches during a quiz.

Teacher Control: Enables teachers to activate Locked Mode when creating or editing quizzes.

Integrity Monitoring: Notifies teachers if a student attempts to exit the quiz or the Locked Mode prematurely.


Google Workspace for Education: Requires an educational account within the Google Workspace for Education.

Managed Chromebooks: Locked Mode is only operational on school-managed Chromebooks.

How to Set up Locked Mode on Google Forms?

Follow the process below to set up and activate Locked Mode in Google Forms and ensure a secure and focused environment for your quizzes or assessments.

1. Choose or Create a Google Form for Locked Mode

Start by either selecting an existing quiz or form from your Google Forms dashboard or creating a new one. This form will be the one you set up in Locked Mode, typically used for quizzes or assessments.

google forms locked mode

2. Open Form Settings to Configure Locked Mode

In your selected form, look for ‘settings’ located in the upper middle corner. Click on it to access the form's settings. This is where you'll find options to enable Locked Mode.

locked mode google forms

3. Convert the Form into a Quiz to Use Locked Mode

Navigate to the 'General' tab within the settings. Here, you’ll see an option labeled 'Make this a quiz'. Make sure this is enabled. Turning your form into a quiz is essential for using Locked Mode.

4. Enable Locked Mode in Quiz Settings

After setting your form as a quiz, switch to the 'Quizzes' tab in the settings area. Look for the option 'Locked mode on Chromebooks' and enable it. Remember, this feature is only available for Google Workspace for Education accounts and works exclusively on managed Chromebooks.

5. Save Adjusted Settings to Activate Locked Mode

Don’t forget to save your changes. After enabling Locked Mode, click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the settings panel. This action will apply all your changes, including the activation of Locked Mode.

6. Finalize the Quiz with Questions and Formatting

Return to your form and ensure all quiz questions and formatting are complete. Add or edit questions, configure answer options, and review the overall layout to ensure your quiz is ready for students.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of what the Google Forms Locked Mode feature is and how to set up locked mode on Google Forms. 

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