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How to Delete Responses in Google Forms (Easiest Way in 2024!)

In this article we will show you how to delete responses on google forms in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below.

How to Delete Specific Responses in Google Forms

1. Click Responses Tab

Click the Responses tab, located at the top of the Google Forms edit area.

can you delete responses on google forms

The Responses tab lists the responses received for the form. You should notice that the number of responses received by the Google Form is also displayed beside Responses in the tab. 

how to delete waiting for responses in google forms

Screencap of the step:

google forms clear responses‍

2. Click Individual Tab to Find the Response to Remove

There are three ways of viewing the responses: Summary, Question, and Individual. To check each response, click the Individual tab. It will list all the answers in a single response sent by a user via the Google Forms. 

Click individual tab

The interface will change after clicking the Individual tab. 

Individual tab interface

Note where it says 1 of 5 with two arrows on either side of it. You can click either of the arrows to scroll through individual responses. Responses are listed in the order of which they were submitted first. 

Click arrow to find individual response in google forms

For our example, we want to delete the 3rd response.

Sample individual response to be deleted‍

Screencap of the step:

Find individual response in google forms screencap‍

3. Click the Delete Response Icon

Once you find the response to delete, you will notice a trash can icon in the upper-right side. It is the Delete response icon. 

Interface of individual tab in responses‍

Close-up of the icon:

how to delete responses in google forms

Click the icon. A confirmation box will notify you that the action cannot be undone. Click Yes if you are sure you want to delete the selected response.

how to delete responses on google forms‍

The response will be deleted.

Response deleted

Screencap of the step:

google forms delete responses‍

How to Delete All Responses in Google Forms

1. Click the Responses tab. 

Response tab above google forms edit area‍

You will get the responses listed, either as a summary, per question, or per submitted response. It won’t matter which is shown for this procedure.

Responses form, summary shown

Screencap of the step:

Click responses tab screencap

2. Click Delete all responses

You will notice the three dots besides the Link in Sheets or View in Sheets label. Click them.

Click three dots besides view in sheets or link in sheets label, on upper-right corner‍

You will get a drop-down list. Select Delete all responses

how to clear responses in google forms

You will get a notification reminding you that you cannot undo the action in Google Forms. Once you agree, click OK. 

Delete all responses notification, click ok‍

All the responses will be deleted.

All responses cleared‍

Screencap of this step:

Delete all responses screencap


Can you Recover Deleted Responses from Google Forms?

No, you cannot recover the deleted responses from Google Forms, even if you link a spreadsheet to store the results.

Will Deleted Responses be Removed from a linked Spreadsheet?

No. Even if the spreadsheet is linked to the Google Forms, it still retains the responses. You can use it to check the deleted responses. However, you cannot use it to return the deleted responses to the form. 

We hope this article has helped you and given you a better understanding on how to delete responses in Google Forms.

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