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Free Customer Satisfaction Survey for Google Forms (2024 Update)

In this article, we will show you how to use our customer satisfaction survey for Google Forms. Read on to learn more!

Free Customer Satisfaction Survey for Google Forms

You can make a copy of this customer satisfaction survey on Google Forms for free. Simply right click on the file and select Make a copy. Feel free to modify the form fields according to your needs.

customer satisfaction survey google forms

How to Use the Customer Satisfaction Survey in Google Forms

1. Generate the survey link

Once your survey is ready, click the "Send" button at the top right of the Google Forms interface, select the "Link" tab, and copy the provided URL.

google forms customer satisfaction survey
customer satisfaction survey in google forms

2. Share the survey

Distribute the survey link to your customers through the most appropriate channels for your audience. This could be via email, a link on your website, social media posts, or through a QR code in physical locations.

3. Check responses regularly 

Google Forms automatically collects and organizes responses. Regularly check these responses in the "Responses" tab to monitor participation rates and to ensure data is being collected as expected.

customer satisfaction survey template google forms

Tips for Success

1. Keep it concise

Respect your customers’ time by keeping the survey short and to the point.

2. Be clear about privacy

Assure respondents about the confidentiality and privacy of their responses, especially if you’re collecting any personal information.

3. Act on the feedback

Demonstrating that you value and act on customer feedback can encourage more customers to participate in future surveys.

We hope that this article has helped you and given you a better understanding of how to use our customer satisfaction survey in Google Forms.

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