Customer Retention Rate Calculator

Use our free customer retention rate calculator to quickly see the retention rate of your customers. Our customer retention calculator uses the formula:

Customer Retention Rate = ((Customers at end of time period - Customers Acquired During Time Period) / Customers at Start of Time period.)*100

Or written more simply:

(E-N)/S) x 100

E = End of period

N = Customers Acquired

S = Start of Period

Lets pretend we are a SAAS company and have the following metrics:

Customers at Beginning of Time Period: 1000

Customers Acquired During Time Period: 100

Customers at End of Time Period: 1000.

So in this example scenario we start the year off with 1,000 users on January first. During the year we gain 100 new customers but also lose 100 customers to end the year with 1,000. This means our customer retention rate will be:

(1000 - 100)/1000)*100 = 90% CRR

Inversely, this means that our churn rate is 10%. This is the number of customers we lose in a year. You can check out our churn rate calculator for more.

Another key metric to consider that goes with customer retention rate is cost per lead or how much it costs to acquire a new customer. You can use Lido's cpl calculator to calculate this for your company. Once you know your CPL, it's time to optimze your conversion rate with our marketing conversion rate calculator so that you can acquire more customers with less ad spend.

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