How to Move Rows in Google Sheets [Easiest Method in 2023]

In this article we will show you how to move rows in Google Sheets. We cover how to move a row both up and down in a spreadsheet. Simply follow the steps below:

How to Move a Row in Google Sheets

1. Select your row by clicking the row number on the leftmost side of your sheet

Selecting Row to Move in Google Sheets

Here we will select row number three containing the number one. We want to move it up to the first row.

2. Click and drag the row up or down to the required place

Moving Your Row in Google Sheets

You should see a thick gray line appear as a guide to where you want your row to go.

Drag your row until you see the gray line in the right place.

Tip: You should see your cursor turn into a glove to know that you are moving your row and not adjusting your row width or selecting other rows. The glove will close its fist when you begin moving a row.

3. Release your row in the new position

Row in New Position

Your row has now been moved to the new position. You can also move several rows by following this next guide.

How to Move Multiple Rows in Google Sheets

1. Select your first row by clicking the row number on the leftmost side of your spreadsheet

Moving Multiple Rows in Google Sheets

In this example we have selected row number 9 as the first row in our sequence of rows to move.

2. Hold the Shift key and select the last row you want to move

Selecting Multiple Rows

In this case we held the shift key and clicked row number 12 to highlight all rows from 9 - 12.

3. Move your rows by dragging on the row numbers on the leftmost side of your sheet

Moving your Rows in Google Sheets

Click and hold on any of the highlighted rows and drag the gray line that appears to the row number where you want to move your rows to.

In our example we will move the highlighted rows to under the 5th row (note the gray line)

4. Release your rows into their new position

Rows Moved to New Position in Google Sheets

Our rows have now been moved from 9 - 12 to 6 - 9.

The same method applies to moving individual or multiple columns. Now you can easily rearrange your cells in Google Sheets without having to delete any content or mess your data.

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