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How to Create an Email List From Google Sheets (2024 Update)

May 8, 2024

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In this article we will show how to build an email list in google sheets in just a few simple steps. Simply follow the steps below:

Create an Email List from Google Sheets

Create a new Google Sheets spreadsheet and follow the steps below:

1. Add Column Headers

Every email list should include the following headers:


Email address: 

Additional headers may be added such as phone number, location, company, etc.

If you plan to export the email list to a marketing platform, you need to check the column header names they require and use them in your spreadsheet in order for the data to be imported correctly. 

Set Row 1 as the row containing the column labels. For our example, we will set Column A for Name, Column B for Email Address, and Column C for Phone Number.

how to create an email list from google sheets

2. Fill the Rows with Information

After setting the column headers, it’s now time to fill the rows with information. There are several ways to do this:

Import Data from External Platforms with Google Add-Ons

You can import data from these platforms by integrating them with Google Sheets using add-ons.

Access the add-ons by clicking Extensions, then select Add-ons, then choose Get add-ons.

google sheets email list

The Google Workspace Marketplace will be loaded. You can search for add-ons to import data from the platforms you use to Google Sheets.

email list from google sheets

We have tutorials for the individual platforms such as Salesforce and Zendesk. Search for it in the Lido Blog!

Import Data from External Platforms with Lido

An even easier option is to use our product Lido to import data from multiple platforms to your Lido spreadsheet in just a few clicks.

Collect data through Google Forms

Google Forms can be used to collect user information. To start, click Tools then select Create a new form.

how to build email list in google sheets

A new tab will be loaded, bringing you to Google Forms. You then have to construct the form so that it fits the sheet layout we had. The resulting Google Form will be connected to the spreadsheet you opened. 

google sheets create list of email addresses

Every time someone uses the form, the information is stored in a new row in the Google Sheet. You can check our tutorial here. 

And, of course, good old manual input of information!

You can just type the information manually in the sheet. 

creating google sheets email list

3. Export your Email List as a CSV File

Click File, then select Download. A drop-down list will appear listing the file options for exporting the email list. Select Comma Separated Values (.csv)

building email list google sheets

The file will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Email list as csv file downloaded to computer

You now have an email list file! Generally it’s best to export your email list to a .csv file as this is the file type most marketing platforms want you to use when importing an email list.

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