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How to Find Trash in Google Sheets (Easiest Way in 2024)

Google Sheets Trash

Google Sheets itself does not have a dedicated "Trash" or "Bin" feature within its interface for directly managing deleted files. Instead, files deleted from Google Sheets are moved to the Trash (or Bin) in Google Drive. Files in the Trash will be automatically deleted after 30 days. You can restore files from your Trash before the 30-day time window expires.

How to Find Trash in Google Sheets

To find trash in Google Sheets, you can navigate Google Drive. Here’s how you can access Google Sheets trash. 

1. Access Trash in Google Drive

Instead of looking in Google Sheets, go directly to your Google Drive dashboard. This location stores all your files, including Google Sheets. In Google Drive, find the "Bin" section on the left sidebar. This is where all deleted files are temporarily stored.

google sheets trash

2. Locate Your Deleted Google Sheets File

Within the Trash or Bin, you can search or scroll to find your deleted Google Sheets document. Use the search bar for quicker access if you remember the file name.

how to find trash in google sheets

3. Restore or Permanently Delete Your File

Right-click on the Google Sheets file you wish to recover or remove forever. Choose "Restore" to get it back or "Delete forever" to remove it permanently.

google sheets trash folder

4. Confirm Your Decision to Restore or Delete

After choosing to restore or delete, a confirmation prompt may appear. Confirm your choice to complete the action.

where is trash in google sheets

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