How to Change Google Sheets Row Height

Learn three methods of adjusting Google Sheets row height in just a few clicks, an important skill for formatting your Google Sheets.

4 Minutes

Method 1: Resize with Mouse-click and drag

Place your pointer to the border between two rows. When it turns blue, drag it until you get the desired row height.

Changing row height manually with mouse

Method 2: Use Dialog box

Specifying a specific value

You can specify a specific value for the Google Sheets row height using the Dialogue Box:

Step 1: Hover on the row number corresponding to the row height you want to adjust. 

Step 2: Right click, then select Resize row.

Right click row, then select Resize row option

Step 3: The Resize row box will appear. Select Specify row height, then enter a specific row height value in pixels. Click OK.

Resize row dialogue box

You have now changed the row height:

Adjusted row height
Dialogue Box GIF

Autofit to the content in the cell

Sometimes you do not have a clue for the exact row height that will enable you to see the entire contents of the cell. You can do so through the dialog box: in Step 3, instead of selecting Specify row height, select Fit to data.

Fit the data option selected in dialogue box
Using Fit to data option GIF

Method 3: Autofit with Mouse

There is a shortcut that you can use if you want row height to fit with the data in the selected cell. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Select the row numbers corresponding to the cells you want to adjust. 

Step 2: Hover your cursor to the border between two selected rows.

Step 3: Double click.

You can check the screencap below:

Autofit with mouse GIF

This shortcut, however, only works if the text wrapping of the selected cells are already set to Wrap but are adjusted to hide the next lines. If this shortcut doesn’t work, chances are the text wrapping is not set to Wrap, but you can use the other methods listed in this tutorial.

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