Make a Row Sticky in Google Sheets (Easiest Way in 2023)

2 Minutes

In this article we will show how to make a Row Sticky in Google Sheets. Simply follow the steps below:

How to Make a Row Sticky in Google Sheets

For the purpose of this demonstration an example data sheet was created. Access this by clicking here to follow along.

1. Hover the cursor over the horizontal gray line at the top left of the Sheets nest to the’ A’ column  

There is a blank gray box before the column headers and above the numerical row designations. Hover your cursor over the gray line at the bottom of this box.

Google Sheets make a Row Sticky

2. Hold down on the mouse to drag and drop the sticky row selection.

Hold down the selection of the gray line and drag this down over your dataset to make the required rows sticky.

In our example below, we will release the selection after ‘row 3’. This will make the first 3 rows sticky.

How to make a row sticky in Google Sheets

3. Your Row is Now Sticky 

To see the results, scroll down the sheet to see that the sticky rows remain in place whereas any rows below are free to scroll. 

In our example, rows 1-3 have been made sticky and remain at the top of the sheet while the rest of the rows become visible. The gray bar is a visual indicator of the rows above now being sticky.

How to make row sticky in Google Sheets

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