Convert Text to Number in Google Sheets (Easiest Way 2023)

It's very common for spreadsheet users to import data only to find they can't perform mathematical operations on the data set. This is because the values are stored as text instead of numbers.

In this article we will show you how to convert text to number in google sheets in just a few simple steps using the VALUE function.

How to Convert Text to Number in Google Sheets




String can either be the string enclosed in double quotes or a reference to the cell containing the string

1. Identify the text

For this example, the string we want to convert to a number is stored in cell A1.

convert text to number google sheets, original value

2. Set up the formula =VALUE(string)

To convert string to number, we will use the following formula:


Where the string is stored in cell A1. 

You can type this verbatim to a cell; for example, B1.

Value function to use to convert text to number in google sheets

Alternatively, you can do the following:

1. Click cell B1

2. Type =VALUE(

3. Click the cell A1

4. Type )

google sheets convert text to number using value function

3. Press Enter

If the value stored in the cell is a string, the value is left-aligned while if the value is stored in the cell as a number, it is right-aligned. In our example, you can easily see that A1 contains a string text while B1, where the formula is located, contains a number.

convert to number google sheets output

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