Google Sheets Address Book Template for 2023 [Free]

In this article we will show how to copy our free google sheets address book template and enter data in just a few simple steps. Simply follow the steps below:

Google Sheets Address Book Template

1. Open the Template Link

Access our Address Book Template by clicking the link below:

2. Click Make a copy 

A new tab or window will be loaded after clicking the link, with the following message:

google sheets address book template

Click Make a copy.

You now have your own copy of the sample template that we have here at Lido! This is the sheet that appears first:

Address list template

The address list is in the sheet under the tab AddressList:

google sheets address list blank

3. Edit the Template and Fill it with Data

Now that you have your own copy of the template, you are free to edit it!

First, you can delete the Instructions tab by right-clicking the tab and selecting Delete. A box will appear asking you if you are sure about deleting the tab. Click OK

address book template remove instructions tab

Next, you can now either edit the sheet first by adding rows or creating formulas that you need, or fill it up with data from different eCommerce and marketing platforms!

We now have a Google Sheets address book!

How to Search Within the Address Book

To search within the address book, click the SearchList tab, then start typing the keywords in the appropriate category. For example, if we want to list all entries that are in Australia, we type the keyword Australia in the Country category. The list will be updated real-time.

Use searchlist tab in address book google sheets

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