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Upload Photos to Google Forms (Easiest Way in 2024) ‍

In this article, we will show you how to upload photos to Google Forms in just a few clicks. Follow the process below to add photos to questions or answers and insert images as a standalone element. We also explain how to set photo upload limits and view photos attached to responses.

Google Form Photo Upload

Add Image to a Question or Answer

Here’s how to enhance your Google Forms by embedding images within questions or answers:

1. Add a New Question to Your Form

Click on the "+" button on the right side to add a new question to your form.

upload photo to google form

2. Navigate to Desired Question or Answer Option

Select the question or specific answer option you just added where you'd like to incorporate an image.

to google form upload photo

3. Click the Image Icon to Insert an Image

Find and click on the image icon, usually represented by a small camera or picture symbol, in the toolbar.

google form photo upload

4. Choose and Upload an Image from a Computer or URL*

A window will appear prompting you to upload an image file from your computer or paste an image URL. Select the desired image and click 'Upload'.

upload photo google form

5. Verify the Image Display  

Ensure that the image has been successfully added to your question or answer and appears correctly. Google Forms will automatically save your changes.

google form upload photo

Insert Image as a Standalone Element

To add visual breaks or context to a Google Form, you can insert an image as a standalone element which is unlinked to specific questions. Here’s how to insert images as a standalone element in Google Forms:

1. Create a New Section for the Image  

Click on the square icon on the right side to add a new section to your form.

can you submit photos on google forms

2. Select the 'Image' Option to Add a Standalone Image

In the new section, find and click on the image icon to add an image without attaching it to a question.

google form photo

3. Choose and Upload an Image from Computer or URL 

A window will prompt you to select an image file from your computer, google drive or paste an image URL. Choose your image and click 'Upload'.

upload photo to google forms

4. Confirm Image Display in the Section  

Check to ensure the image is correctly displayed within the section. Google Forms will automatically save your changes.

upload photos to google form

Set Photo Upload Limits for Answers

Here’s how to set photo upload limits such as the allowed specific file types, number of files and files size in Google Forms: 

1. Create a Question and Select 'File Upload' as Type  

Add a new question and select 'File Upload' from the question type dropdown menu.

upload photos to google forms

2. Confirm File Uploads to Google Drive  

A prompt titled "Let respondents upload files to Drive" will appear. Click on 'Continue' to proceed with allowing respondents to upload files.

google form photo uploads

3. Configure Photo File Upload Settings  

After clicking 'Continue', you will see settings related to file uploads.

google forms photo uploads

File Types: Click on the “Allow only specific file types” checkbox. Among the options, select 'Image'. Choosing 'Image' will restrict respondents to uploading only image files specifically in .JPG, .PNG, and .GIF formats.

how to upload photo to google form

Maximum Number of Files: Set a limit on how many files respondents can upload. For instance, if you only want a single image, set this number to 1.

how to upload photos to google form

Maximum File Size: Determine the maximum file size for uploads. Set a limit to ensure files are below a certain size, like 10 MB.

how to upload photos to google form

Configuring these settings guides respondents to upload only image files, adhering to the specified formats, sizes, and quantities.

4. Confirm Settings and Finalize the Question  

Review your settings to ensure they are as desired. Google Forms will automatically save the changes to your file upload question.

View Photos Attached to Responses

Here's how to access and view the photos submitted by respondents in their responses to your Google Forms:

1. Go to 'Responses' Tab in Your Form  

Open your form and navigate to the 'Responses' tab to view the collected data and attached photos.

google forms photos uploads

2. View the List of Uploaded Photos in Responses  

Under the 'Responses' tab, you will see a list of responses along with the files that respondents have uploaded.

photo upload google form

3. Click File Names to Download or Preview  

Click on the file names listed under each response to either download or preview the uploaded images.

upload photos google form

4. Check All Photos Uploaded and Close the Window  

Ensure you have checked all the files and close the window when finished.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to upload photos to Google Forms. You might also like our articles on calculations in Google Forms and how to do formatting in Google Forms. To optimize your workflow better, we recommend reading our guide on streamlined approval processes in Google Forms.

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