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Add Comment to Multiple Choice in Google Forms (2024 Update)

In this article, we will show you how to let respondents add comments to multiple choice options in Google Forms in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below.

How to Add a Comment to Multiple Choice Options in Google Forms

As of writing, Google Forms does not have a built-in feature where you can directly attach a comment box to each multiple-choice question. You have to manually add a paragraph type question under each multiple-choice question where respondents can leave their comments.

Here's how to do it: 

Step 1: Select or add your multiple-choice question.

Click on an existing multiple-choice question to edit it or add a new one by clicking the "+" button on the right sidebar. 

google forms multiple choice with comment

A new question will default to a multiple-choice format, but if it doesn't, click on the dropdown menu on the right side of the question to change it to "Multiple choice."

google forms add comment to multiple choice

Step 2: Add a new question for the comment. 

Click the "+" button again to add a new question immediately after your multiple-choice question. 

By default, it may create another multiple-choice question. Change it to a "Paragraph" type by clicking the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the new question box and selecting "Paragraph." This allows respondents to input longer text.

Step 3: Write instructions for the respondent to input their comments.

In the question field, type instructions such as "Please enter any additional comments" or "If you'd like to elaborate on your choice, please comment below." This instructs respondents where to provide their comments.

Tip: Ensure the paragraph question is optional unless you require a comment for every response. Do not toggle the "Required" switch at the bottom right of the question box.

Below is an actual example of how this might look like in Google Forms:

We hope this article has helped you and given you a better understanding on how to let respondents add comments to multiple choice options in Google Forms. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to validate an email address in Google Forms or our article on short answer vs paragraph in Google Forms. If you want to set up Google Forms notifications, we also suggest checking out our detailed guide. 

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