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Google Forms to Klaviyo Integration (2024 Update)

In this article, we will show you how to connect Google Forms to Klaviyo in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below.

Setting Up Google Forms to Klaviyo Integration

Below, we explain how to connect Google Forms to Klaviyo using Zapier:

Step 1: Prepare Your Accounts

Ensure you have accounts on both platforms. Klaviyo will be used for email campaigns or managing subscribers, while Google Forms will collect the data.

Step 2: Go to Zapier

Log in to Zapier. If you don’t have a Zapier account, sign up at Zapier's website. 

Step 3: Make a Zap

On your dashboard, click on Create > Zaps.

google forms klaviyo integration

Step 4: Set Up the Trigger

Choose Google Forms as the Trigger app. This triggers the Zap whenever a new form response is submitted.

google forms to klaviyo integration

Choose an event. You can select either "New Form Response" or "New or Updated Form Response" from the dropdown menu.

Then, continue to connect your Google account. 

Select the specific form that Zapier will monitor for the Trigger.

Step 5: Configure the Action

Choose Klaviyo as the Action app. This specifies the action in Klaviyo when the trigger occurs.

connect google forms with klaviyo

Depending on your needs, select the event that you wish to be done from the dropdown menu. For example, you can choose "Add Profile to List" to add an existing profile to a list in Klaviyo.

Then, connect your Klaviyo account by clicking on the "Sign in" button.

After your Klaviyo account has been connected, configure the action by mapping form fields to Klaviyo fields.

Step 6: Test and Activate

Zapier will offer a chance to test your Zap to ensure it functions as expected. If the test is successful, publish the Zap.

We hope that you now have a better understanding on how to set up Google Forms to Klaviyo integration. If you enjoyed this article, you might also want to check out our articles on how to connect Google Forms to Zoom or Google Forms to Jira.

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