CTR Calculator (Click Through Rate)

Use our click through rate calculator (CTR) to quickly find out what the click through rate is for your email, web or marketing campaign. Just enter the number of impressions and clicks in the boxes below and click calculate to immediately see your CTR and make more informed decisions about your marketing performance.

Our CTR calculator uses the formula:

( Total Clicks / Number of impressions )*100 = Click Through Rate

In an example campaign we have the metrics:

Impressions: 10,000

Clicks: 100

(100 / 10,000) * 100 = 1% CTR

What is a good CTR?

This really depends on what your industry average is. The average CTR for facebook ads across all industries is 0.89%. In passion niches like pets the average CTR is as high as 1.68%. Science related ads on the other hand have an average CTR of 0.45%. You can use these as rough benchmarks, but you should be constantly testing new ad copy and angles to increase your CTR and thus increase your return on ad spend. check out our ROAS calculator if you would like to get a better understanding of how a higher CTR will lead to a higher ROAS.

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