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MROUND in Google Sheets (Easiest Way to Use It in 2024)

May 8, 2024

MROUND in Google Sheets

The MROUND function in Google Sheets is used to round a number to the nearest specified multiple. This can be particularly useful when you need to round numbers to the nearest whole number, nearest 0.5, or any other specified rounding multiple, depending on your needs.

Google Sheets MROUND Function

The syntax of the MROUND function is:

MROUND(value, factor)

  • value: The number you want to round.
  • factor: The multiple to which you want to round the value.

How to Use MROUND in Google Sheets

Follow the steps below to use MROUND in Google Sheets. 

1. Input Numbers and Rounding Factors Into Columns

After opening Google Sheets, input the numbers you want to round and their respective rounding factors in two columns. Based on the given dataset, you would enter the "Number to Round" in column A and the "Rounding Factor" in column B.

mround google sheets

2. Select Cell for the First Rounded Result in Column C

Click on the first cell in column C (C2) where you want the rounded result for the first entry to appear. This column will display the results of the rounding operation.

google sheets mround

3. Enter MROUND Formula in Selected Cell to Round First Number

In cell C2, type in the MROUND formula referencing the first number and its rounding factor. The formula will be =MROUND(A2, B2). This will round the number in A2 (2.3) to the nearest multiple specified in B2 (0.5).

4. Execute Formula by Pressing Enter to View Rounded Result

Hit Enter to execute the formula. Cell C2 will now show 2.5, indicating that 2.3 has been rounded to the nearest 0.5.

5. Copy MROUND Formula to Remaining Cells for Bulk Rounding

To apply the rounding formula to the rest of your data, click on C2 where you just entered your formula. Notice the small square (fill handle) at the bottom right corner of the cell. Drag this handle downwards to fill the cells below with the formula, automatically adjusting it for each row.

6. Formula Automatically Adjusts for Different Rounding Factors

For rows where the rounding factor is different, the formula you entered will automatically adjust since it references the cells directly. So, whether the rounding factor is 0.5 or 10, the formula will use the respective value in column B to round the number in column A.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of what MROUND in Google Sheets is and how to use the Google Sheets MROUND function. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to use the WEEKNUM function in Google Sheets or our article on how to connect Jira to Google Sheets.

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