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Add HTML Tables to Emails (Easiest Way in 2024) +Template

May 8, 2024

Email HTML Table Generator by

How to Add HTML Table in Email

1. Go to the Email HTML Table Generator by

First, open the Email HTML Table Generator by It is at the top of this page.

html email table

2. Input the number of rows and columns

Identify the number of rows and columns you need in the table, then input them to the textboxes in the table generator. For this example, we want to generate a table with two (2) rows and two (2) columns.

html table in email

3. Click Generate Table

Click the Generate Table button. A table will appear below the input boxes.

email html table

The generated table has filler content to help you insert content to each cell. By default it generates a table without borders. To add a border, just click Add Borders

html table email add borders

4. Click Copy Table to Email

An additional button labeled Copy Table is present in the table generator to help you copy the generated table. Click Copy Table. A pop-up window will appear telling you that the table is copied.

html table for email

You are now done! You can now paste it in the email body that you are editing. For example, this works in Gmail:

email html table template
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