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How to Send Recurring Emails from Gmail (Easiest Way 2024)

Send Recurring Emails From Google Sheets

Step 1: Create a Lido account

If you don’t already have a Lido account, you’ll need to create a free one here:

Step 2: Set up your recurring email content

Create a new file in Lido.  Then, set up the email subject and body for the message that you want to send on a recurring basis.

Tip: you can add line breaks with cmd+enter on a Mac or alt+enter on a PC.  You can also add more stylings like bold, italics, and hyperlinks by clicking tutorials -> How to add styling to emails.

Step 3: Create your =SENDGMAIL() formula

Next, we will use Lido’s =SENDGMAIL() formula to send this email directly from our spreadsheet.

The formula works as follows:

=SENDGMAIL("sender_email", "recipient_email", "subject", "body")

In our example, the subject and body are in cells B1 and B2. We will reference these in our formula like so:

```=SENDGMAIL("", "", B1, B2)```

You should see a blue action formula.  Remember to replace "" and "" with the actual emails of the sender email and recipient email account in the formula.

Step 4: Run the SENDGMAIL formula

Now let's send an email to test that everything is working properly. Right click on the blue action formula and click Run Action.

If it's your first time sending an email from Lido, you will be taken to a screen to log in to your Gmail account. Make sure that you select the same Gmail account as the one used in the "sender" part of your SENDGMAIL() formula.

After an email has successfully sent, you will see this green success message temporarily in the cell.

Step 5: Automate the SENDGMAIL() formula to send emails on a schedule

Finally, let's automate running the SENDGMAIL formula.

Right click on the SENDGMAIL formula and click Add automation.

This will open the Lido automations panel. Choose a schedule for when you want the emails to recur then click save. There are options for daily automations on a certain time, or weekly automations on a certain date and time.

Then click Save. Your automation to send recurring emails from Gmail is now set up!

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to send recurring emails from gmail!

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