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How to Add Arrows in Google Sheets (Easiest Way in 2024)

How to Add Arrows in Google Sheets as a Symbol 

1. Click on the Cell Where You Want the Arrow Symbol

Click on the cell where you want the arrow symbol to appear in your spreadsheet. If you wish to insert arrows in multiple cells, you can select those cells one after the other as you proceed.

2. Type the CHAR Function in the Selected Cell

In the selected cell, type the CHAR function to insert an arrow symbol. The CHAR function allows you to insert characters based on their character code. For an arrow symbol, you will need to enter the correct character code within the CHAR function. For example, '=CHAR(8594)' will insert a right-facing arrow.

3. Confirm the Arrow Insertion by Pressing Enter

After typing the CHAR function with the appropriate character code, press Enter. The arrow symbol will appear in the selected cell.

4. Experiment with Different Arrow Character Codes

There are various arrow symbols available, each with its own character code. Experiment with different codes to find the arrows that best suit your needs. For instance, '=CHAR(8592)' for a left-facing arrow.

On the other hand, '=CHAR(8595)' is for a down-facing arrow.

How to Add Arrows in Google Sheets as Shapes 

1. Access Your Google Sheets Document

Start by navigating to Google Sheets and opening the document where you intend to add arrow shapes. Ensure you are signed into your account.

2. Initiate the Drawing Tool from the "Insert" Menu

Go to the "Insert" menu at the top of the page and choose "Drawing" from the options. Placeholder for Image

3. Select the Arrow Shape from the Shapes Menu

In the drawing editor that pops up, click on the shapes icon (it looks like a circle overlapping a square) to display the shapes menu.

4. Pick Your Preferred Arrow Style from the "Arrows" Category

From the shapes menu, select the "Arrows" category. Choose the style of arrow you want to add to your document.

5. Draw Your Arrow on the Canvas

Click and drag your mouse on the drawing canvas to draw the arrow. Adjust its size and orientation as you wish.

6. Save the Arrow Drawing and Insert It into Your Sheet

Once you are satisfied with your arrow, click the "Save and Close" button. The arrow drawing will be added to your Google Sheets document.

7. Adjust the Arrow's Position and Size as Needed

You can move the arrow to the desired position by clicking and dragging it. Resize it by dragging the corners. Use the formatting options to change its color or add text.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to add arrows in Google Sheets using different methods. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to make a frequency table in Google Sheets or our article on the WEEKNUM formula in Google Sheets.

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