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Google Sheets Suggestion Mode: Alternative Methods in 2024

Is There a Suggestion Mode in Google Sheets?

By default, Google Sheets does not have a "sSuggestion Mode" similar to Google Docs. However, there are some ways you can collaborate effectively in Google Sheets:

Comments and Notes

You can add comments to specific cells for suggesting changes or asking questions. Right-click a cell and choose either "Comment" or "Insert note". Comments are great for collaboration because they allow for discussion and are visible to all viewers with access rights.

google sheets suggestion mode

Version History

Sheets doesn't have a suggestion mode, but you can track changes using the "Version history" feature. Go to "File" > "Version history" > "See version history". Here, you can see past versions of the document, who made changes, and you can revert to previous versions if necessary. You can also find this option at the top right. 

suggestion mode google sheets
suggestion mode in google sheets

Protected Ranges 

You can protect specific cells or ranges to prevent others from editing them. This allows for a controlled environment where suggestions can be made via comments, but only authorized users can make changes. Go to "Data" > "Protected sheets and ranges" to set this up.

is there a suggestion mode in google sheets
enable google sheets suggestion mode

Sharing Permissions

When sharing a Google Sheet, you can set the permission for each user to either "Viewer", "Commenter", or "Editor". While "Commenter" permission doesn't allow for direct edits, it enables users to add comments to suggest changes.

how to enable google sheets suggestion mode

We hope that this article has helped you and given you a better understanding on how you can utilize alternative methods for a Google Sheets suggestion mode. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our articles on how to have Google Sheets force recalculate and how to unsort in Google Sheets.

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