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Free Google Sheets Schedule Template (2024 Update)

May 8, 2024

Google Sheets Schedule Template

Get a copy of our free schedule template in Google Sheets here.

Select File > Make a copy.

How to Create a Schedule Template in Google Sheets

Follow the steps below to create a Google Sheets schedule template. 

1. Enter Days of the Week as Column Headers

In the first row, enter the days of the week from the second column onward. Each column will represent one day, helping you organize your schedule day by day.

google sheets schedule template

2. List Time Slots in the First Column

Starting from the second row in the first column, list the time slots or periods. Whether you're scheduling by the hour or by class periods, this column will help you allocate tasks or events throughout the day.

3. Apply Formatting to Enhance Schedule Readability

Use Google Sheets' formatting tools to enhance readability. Adjust the sizes of your rows and columns to fit your entries comfortably. Apply colors to differentiate between types of activities or days of the week.

4. Fill in Tasks or Events for Each Time Slot and Day

Next to the appropriate time slot and under the correct day, type in your tasks or events. Keep descriptions clear yet concise to ensure the schedule remains easy to navigate.

5. Use Conditional Formatting to Automatically Highlight Specific Entries (Optional)

For an added layer of organization, try conditional formatting. This feature allows you to set rules for cell colors based on their contents.

For example, you could highlight all your meetings in one color and deadlines in another.

Free Schedule Templates in Google Sheets

Here are some free Google Sheets schedule templates that you can use depending on your preferences: 

  1. Work Schedule Template 
  2. Daily Calendar Template 
  3. Monthly Schedule Calendar
  4. Daily Planner with Task List Template
  5. Student Schedule Template
  6. Employee Schedule Template 
  7. Construction Schedule Template
  8. Project Schedule Template

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to create a Google Sheets schedule template and use our free Google Sheets schedule template. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to create an expense report template in Google Sheets.

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