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Google Sheets Reverse Geocode: Everything you Need to Know in 2024

May 8, 2024

How to Reverse Geocode to Address in Google Sheets

1. Copy the Reverse Geocode to Address Converter by

Get a copy of the Google Sheets reverse geocode to address converter developed by by clicking the link below:

Reverse Geocode to Address Converter by

A new tab or window will load with the following prompt:

Reverse geocode to address google sheets

Click Make a copy. A new tab or window will appear, and you will get a copy of the Reverse Geocode to Address Converter by

Reverse Geocode to address in google sheets

2. Input the Geocode in the Geocode Column

The sheet contains four columns. The first one is for the geocode to be converted, while the next three are for the latitude, longitude, and for the resulting address. Add one geocode per row.

google sheets reverse geocode to address

3. Click CONVERT

Once you are done adding the geocodes, click the CONVERT button.

Convert Address to geocode google sheets

As it is your first time running the script in the sheet, you will be asked to give permission for the script to run. Click Continue.

Convert Address to geocode in google sheets

A new window will load. First, you will be asked to choose the Google account that will run the script. Select the account in the list. Most of the time, only the active account will be listed. 

Choose the account to run the geocode to address converter in google sheets

You will next get the message that Google hasn’t verified the script. Click the small link labeled Advanced. Another link will appear below it. Click Go to geotoadd (unsafe).

Enable the script in the geocode to address converter

Next, a list of permissions needed by the script will be listed. 

Permissions needed by the geocode to address converter by

Click Allow. The window will close.

The converter now works! Click the CONVERT button again. You can see each geocode being converted real-time.

Interested? Click the link again below to copy the converter!

Reverse Geocode to Address Converter by

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