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How to Print Selected Cells in Google Sheets (The Easy Way!)

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show you how to print select cells in Google Sheets. There is no need to print the entire spreadsheet. Follow the steps below to only print the cells you want.

Print Selected Cells in Google Sheets

Printing certain cells is a great way to print only a specific selection of data.

An example sheet has been created to best demonstrate how to print certain cells. Click here to access the sheet and follow along at home.

1. Highlight the cells to print

Select the cells you want to print. To do this you can simply click in any corner cell and drag across the rest cells to highlight them. 

To select cells that are not next to each other you can select individual cells by holding the Ctrl key on Windows (Cmd ⌘ on Mac) when clicking each cell.

For this example we are going to select the cells in our table containing name and grade. We do not wish to include the State cells so will not highlight these.

How to print certain cells in Google Sheets: Highlight cells

2. Click File > Print

From the top toolbar select File to expand the menu. Select Print located at the bottom of this menu. Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P (Cmd ⌘ + P on Mac).

Print selected cells in Google Sheets

3. Set the print area to Selected cells (Cell range)

The print options screen will now appear. To the right is the print options menu and on the left is the print preview. 

You may notice that the print preview is currently showing all of the data on the workbook.

How to print certain cells in Google Sheets: Print options screen

To print only selected cells we must change the print area drop down options, these can be located underneath the Print label in the print options menu on the right hand side.

Clicking the drop down will give the options of Current Sheet, workbook or Selected cells (Cell range). As we want to print only the cells we have highlighted earlier we will choose Selected cells (Cell range).

The cell range is the range of chosen cells, in our example we can see this is C4:D9

Google Sheets print selected cells: Print area


4. Specify any additional print options and click NEXT

You will now see the print preview on the left hand side now only displays your chosen cells. 

Set any additional printing options and click the blue NEXT button located at the top right hand side of the display.

Google Sheets print selected cells: Next

5. Click Print

Your operating systems print dialogue screen will now appear. Make sure the correct printer is selected and press Print. The content in your selected cells will now be printed.

How to print only selected cells in Google Sheets: Print

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