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Free Google Sheets Mortgage Calculator [2024 Update]

May 8, 2024

How to Use our Free Google Sheets Mortgage Calculator

1. Copy the Free Google Sheets Mortgage Calculator by

Copy the free Google Sheets Mortgage Calculator by here. A new tab or window will open, asking you to copy the template. Click Make a copy.

Mortgage calculator google sheets

The Free Google Sheets Mortgage Calculator has a single sheet, containing the input with their sample values and the resulting mortgage per month. 

google sheets mortgage calculator

2. Add the Required Inputs such as Sale Price, Interest Rate Per Annum, Number of Years, and Payments per Year 

The required inputs for the sheet to work are the following:

  • Sale Price - total price of the property
  • Interest rate per annum - interest rate set
  • Number of years - duration of the mortgage
  • Payments per year - number of payments to be made per annum; for monthly payments it is equal to 12

For our example, here are the inputs:

  • Sale Price - $300,000.00
  • Interest rate per annum - 4.00%
  • Number of years - 20 years
  • Payments per year - 12

The base monthly mortgage will be automatically calculated as you input the values. 

Mortgage calculator in google sheets

3. Add the Optional Inputs Such as Additional Payment Per Month, Insurance, Escrow, etc. 

Often additional costs are added to the resulting monthly payment such as additional payment per month (that goes straight to the principal), mortgage insurance, and escrow. Add them in the additional fields.

Additional input to mortgage calculator

If you want to itemize more costs, you have three additional fields to use. Replace the label with the label for the specific cost then add its value.

Once you’re done, the resulting mortgage is automatically calculated! It’s that simple to use. If you want to use our mortgage calculator, copy it again by clicking the link below. 

Google Sheets Mortgage Calculator by

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