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How to Add Emojis to Google Sheets (Easiest Way in 2024)

Google Sheets Emojis

Google Sheets does not have its own unique set of emojis. Instead, when you insert emojis into a Google Sheets document, it uses the standard emojis that are available through your operating system's emoji keyboard or through special commands like @emoji. These emojis are the same ones you would find on your smartphone, in email clients, or on social media platforms.

How to Add Emojis to Google Sheets 

Follow the steps below to easily add emojis to Google Sheets. 

1. Click on Cell Where Emoji Will Be Added

Select the cell where you want to place the emoji by clicking on it. 

google sheets emojis

2. Enter @emoji Command in the Selected Cell

In the active cell, type @emoji followed by a space. This special command signals Google Sheets to initiate the emoji search feature. 

emojis in google sheets

3. Type Emoji Name to Search and Select From List

After typing @emoji, you can select among the emojis available on the platform. You can also type the name of the emoji you're looking for, such as "heart" or "smile". Click on the emoji that best fits your needs. 

emojis google sheets

4. Confirm Emoji Selection to Insert in Cell

By clicking on an emoji from the dropdown list, it automatically gets inserted into your selected cell. The emoji will now be visible in the cell, and you can insert multiple emojis in the same cell by repeating the @emoji command followed by the emoji's name. 

how to add emojis to google sheets

5. Adjust Font Size to Change Emoji Size (Optional)

If the inserted emoji appears too small or too large for your liking, you can adjust its size by changing the font size of the cell it's in. Navigate to the menu bar, locate the font size dropdown menu, and select a different font size. 

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to add emojis to Google Sheets. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to rotate text on Google Sheets or our article on how to keep leading zeros in Google Sheets. 

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