COUNTIF Multiple Criteria Google Sheets (Easiest Way in 2023)

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In this article we will show how to use COUNTIF with multiple criteria in Google Sheets using the COUNTIFS function. Simply follow the steps below:

COUNTIF Multiple Criteria in Google Sheets

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To count cells in Google Sheets that meet multiple criteria, you can use the COUNTIFS function. Here's the basic syntax of the COUNTIFS function:

=COUNTIFS(criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2, ...])


criteria_range1, criteria_range2, etc. are the ranges of cells you want to use as the criteria criteria1, criteria2, etc. are the criteria you want to use. 

The criteria are enclosed in double quotes. For example, if the criterion is value is greater than 3, then the criterion is added to the formula as


In comparing the values, use the following symbols:

Greater than: >

Greater than or equal to: >=

Equal to: = or no symbol before the value itself

Less than or equal to: <=

Less than: <

You can add more criteria ranges and criteria as needed. 

Check the example below to see this in action. 

1. Identify the criteria and the ranges to scan

For our example, we have a list of names with their scores:

google sheets countif multiple criteria, input data to analyze

What we want is to count the entries that fulfill the following requirements:

Score 1 greater than 14

Score 2 greater than 4

Score 2 greater than 12

The range of the scores are as follows:

Score 1: B2:B20

Score 2: C2:C20

Score 3: D2:D20

Finally, we allot cell F1 for holding the number of entries that fulfill our given set of requirements:

countif multiple criteria google sheets, including cell where to insert the formula

2. Use formula =COUNTIFS(criteria_range1, criteria1, [criteria_range2, criteria2, ...])

Using what we listed in Step 1, we get the following criteria:

Score 1 greater than 14: “> 14”

Score 2 greater than 4: “> 4”

Score 2 greater than 12: “> 12”

So the pair of range and criteria are as follows:

criteria_range1: B2:B20 ; criteria1: ">14" ;

criteria_range2: C2:C20; criteria2: ">4",

criteria_range3: D2:D20; criteria3: ">12"

We can now combine them into the formula:


And then insert it to cell F1:

countif google sheets multiple criteria, with formula inserted to the cell

When you enter the formula, the ranges in the formula are highlighted with a color that matches the color of the dashed border that highlights the ranges. This allows you to visually confirm if the right ranges are entered into the formula.

3. Press Enter

Google Sheets will scan and analyze the specified ranges, and then sets the answer to the formula as the output in the cell:

google sheets countif with multiple criteria, formula output


How to Use COUNTIF Multiple Criteria with a String Comparison?

If the criteria consists of checking whether a cell has a certain string, you just need to insert the string itself as the criterion. For example, we want to count cells in the Score 1 column that have  a value greater than 13 and those marked as “Probationary”:

countif two conditions google sheets, one number and the other a string

We set the range to C2:C20 and the corresponding criterion as “Probationary”. The formula becomes:


countif two conditions google sheets, one number and the other a string, output shown

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