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How to Sum a Column in Google Sheets (The Easy Way!)

May 8, 2024

In this article we will show you exactly how to sum a column in Google Sheets. We cover how to total a column by using the SUM function. Just follow the simple steps below:

For the purpose of these demonstrations an example data set has been created. Click here to access this sheet and follow along at home.

How to Sum a Column in Google Sheets using the SUM Function

The SUM function can be accessed by clicking the function button Σ in the toolbar. It is a more versatile method as you can click any cell you want to output the sum in.

See an example of the SUM function in use below:

1. Click a cell where you want to output the SUM of your column

Click to highlight the cell you would like the column SUM results to populate into. This can be any empty cell of your choosing.

In our example we will select the empty cell G4.

How to add up a column in Google Sheets: Cell selection

2. Click Σ from the top toolbar followed by SUM

From the top navigational toolbar click the Σ symbol, this is the function button and will initiate the function dropdown menu, select the SUM option located at the top of this menu.

Google Sheets how to sum cells: Function button

3. Highlight the cells to include in the formula

Click and drag over the cells in the column, an orange border will surround your selection indicating it will be part of the formula.

In our example we will drag over the cell range in the Quantity column excluding the header.

How to total a column in Google Sheets: Inserted formula

4. Click the Enter key to See the Total

Press the enter key. The formula will be inserted in your chosen cell and the SUM results will populate.

As can be seen in our example the sum results have been populated in the cell G4.

How to sum on Google Sheets: Results

How to Total a Column in Google Sheets using Auto Complete

Another method of totaling a column is to press = in an empty cell underneath a column of numbers and Google Sheets will automatically ask if you want to sum. See this method in the example below:

1. Select the cell below your column data

Click to select an empty cell directly below the data you want to total.

In our example we will now sum the Amount ($) column so we will select the empty cell below our data.

How to do sum in Google Sheets: Cell select

2. Press = on your keyboard

In this empty cell simply press the equals key = on your keyboard.

A preview will appear displaying an orange box around the data that will be included and the SUM formula will appear greyed out with the results auto populated.

How to sum on Google Sheets: Equals key (=)

3. Press enter to apply the auto completed SUM formula

Press the enter key and the formula will automatically be inserted as shown in the preview. The totaled results will now display.

As can be seen in our example the amount is shown for the total cells in the Amount ($) column.

How to do sum on Google Sheets: Results

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