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Free Google Sheets Amortization Schedule Template [2024 Update]

May 8, 2024

1. Copy the Free Google Sheets Amortization Schedule Template by

Copy the free Google Sheets Amortization Schedule Template by here.  A new tab or window will open, asking you to copy the template. Click Make a copy.

Amortization schedule google sheets

The Free Google Sheets Amortization Schedule Template has a single sheet, containing cells for the required input and a space below for the amortization table that will be generated. For ease of use, sample values are already added. 

google sheets amortization schedule

2. Add the Inputs such as Principal, Interest Rate, etc.

The required inputs for the sheet to work are the following:

  • Principal - total value of the loan
  • Interest rate per annum - interest rate set
  • Number of years - duration of the mortgage
  • Payments per year - number of payments to be made per annum; for monthly payments it is equal to 12

For our example, here are the inputs:

  • Principal - $250,000.00
  • Interest rate per annum - 3.50%
  • Number of years - 15 years
  • Payments per year - 12

The base monthly payment will be automatically calculated as you input the values. 

amortization schedule in google sheets

Depending on the terms of your loan payments, you may  need to add expenses to the calculation. There are six slots for it, marked Additional Payment per Month and Addtl2 to Addtl6. Feel free to rename them to your convenience and add values to them. 

Additional input to amortization schedule‍

3. Click Generate Amortization Schedule

Once you are done adding the inputs, click the button labeled Generate Amortization Schedule.

Generate amortization schedule google sheets

As it is your first time running the script in the sheet, you will be asked to give permission for the script attached to the template to run. Click Continue.

Authorize amortization schedule script in google sheets

A new window will load. First, you will be asked to choose the Google account that will run the script. Select the account in the list. Most of the time, only the active account will be listed. 

Choose the account to run the amortization schedule template in google sheets‍

You will next get the message that Google hasn’t verified the script. Click the small link labeled Advanced. Another link will appear below it. Click Go to amortsched(unsafe).

Enable the script in the amortization schedule template‍

Next, a list of permissions needed by the template will be listed. 

Permissions needed by the amortization schedule template by‍

Click Allow. The window will close.

Click the Generate Amortization Schedule button again. The template will now generate the amortization schedule in the table below. Pretty neat, right?

Generate amortization schedule google sheets‍

Wanna try it yourself? Link’s below!

Google Sheets Amortization Schedule Template by

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