How to Divide in Google Sheets (The Easy Way!)

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Dividing numbers in google sheets is one of the most common use cases for spreadsheet users. In this article we show you exactly how to divide in google sheets using the divide operator and the DIVIDE function.

How to Divide in Google Sheets Using the Divide Operator (/) 

The divide operator or the slash symbol (/) is used to divide two specified numbers. In google sheets, you can use this on individual numbers or by putting the operator between two cell references containing numbers. 

1. Identify the Dividend (Number you Want to Divide) in Google Sheets

In this The dividend is the whole you want to divide into a number of specified parts. Let us set this to be 100.

Inputting the Divisor on Google Sheets

2. Place your Divisor (Number to Divide By) in the Second Cell

Your divisor is the specified number of parts you will be dividing your dividend into. Here we want 100 to be divided into 5 parts.

Inputting Divisor in Google Sheets

3. On the third cell, write =[dividend]/[divisor]

Use the equal sign before the formula and remember to use the slash symbol in between the two values. You can input your dividend and divisor in several ways in Google Sheets:

As Direct Values


As Cell References


As Combination of Direct Values and Cell References


As Locked Cell References


The addition of $ will lock the formula to the referenced cell. Even when you drag the formula to other spaces, the locked value will not change in Google Sheets. This is useful for dividing multiple numbers to the same number.

How to Divide in Google Sheets Using the DIVIDE Function 

Google Sheets also has a function that we can use for dividing values called the DIVIDE Function. Here’s a quick look at its syntax and use.

DIVIDE Function Syntax

=DIVIDE(dividend, divisor)

You can input the dividend and divisor as direct values or cell references when using the DIVIDE Function in Google Sheets. Here are the steps to use this function:

Dividing Numbers Using the DIVIDE Function

1. Input your dividend and divisor in separate cells

For this example let us use several numbers and get their percentages.

Sample of Dividing in Google Sheets

2. In an empty cell, use =DIVIDE(dividend, divisor)

Using the Function in Google Sheets

3. Press and Enter and drag the formula to the other cells

Dividing to get Percentages in Google Sheets

4. To get them in percentage form, select the values and simply go to Format -> Number and select Percent in the list. 

Adjusting Google Sheets Number Formatting

Getting Percentages in Google Sheets

Now you can easily visualize your quotients as percentages and use these values for your needs.

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