How to Convert Formula Results into Static Values in Google Sheets

Google Sheets 101: learn how to transform cell-referenced data into actual values. Enhance your spreadsheet use and further analyze data with these 2 easy step-by-step tutorials!

When you use formulas to generate new data, the results depend on the input values from other cells. When you change the input values, the results will change. If you want to keep the values as is, simply follow our Paste Special or Keyboard Shortcut instructions:

Paste Special Method

Step 1: Select all the entries on the new sheet, or Ctrl+A after selecting one cell in it.

Step 2: Right-click and then select Paste special, and then select Paste values only.

Paste values only selected from Paste special option

This will replace all the references with the actual values. Now you can process the data further.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 1: Select all the data by clicking on one cell and pressing Ctrl+V. This will select all cells with data.

Step 2: Press Ctrl+Shift+V. This will paste the values on the same cells. 

These are quick methods you can use to allow you to further process the results of the formulas. Easy, right?

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