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GS1 Barcode Generator

The GS1 standard is a globally recognized set of specifications for universal barcode patterns, ensuring unique representation of products and services worldwide. Established by GS1, it's pivotal in enhancing transparency, accuracy, and reliability across various industries, from retail to healthcare. By adhering to this standard, businesses ensure consistent product identification throughout the entire supply chain.

  • Universal Applicability: GS1 barcodes are used in over 150 countries.
  • Versatility: Covers a range of industries including retail, healthcare, transport, and more.
  • Consistency: Provides a unified method for product tracking and tracing.
  • Integrity: Ensures accurate data exchange between businesses.

Our GS1 barcode generator supports the following barcode types:


  • Accepted Characters: Numeric (0-9)
  • Character Limit: 12 characters (including check digit)
  • Usage: Widely used in North America for retail items. Each UPC-A barcode identifies the manufacturer and the specific product.

GTIN-13 (EAN-13)

  • Accepted Characters: Numeric (0-9)
  • Character Limit: 13 characters (including check digit)
  • Usage: Commonly used worldwide for retail items. It's essentially the international version of UPC-A.

GTIN-8 (EAN-8)

  • Accepted Characters: Numeric (0-9)
  • Character Limit: 8 characters (including check digit)
  • Usage: A compressed version of EAN-13, used on smaller packages where a full EAN-13 would be too large.


  • Accepted Characters: Full ASCII character set
  • Character Limit: Up to 48 characters
  • Usage: Used in a variety of industries for shipping, carton labeling, and more. Offers detailed information and can encode many data types.

GS1 DataBar

  • Accepted Characters: Numeric (0-9)
  • Character Limit: 14 characters (including check digit)
  • Usage: Found on fresh-food products and coupons. It's compact and can carry more information than the traditional UPC/EAN barcodes.


  • Accepted Characters: Numeric (0-9)
  • Character Limit: 14 characters (including check digit)
  • Usage: Used to mark cartons, cases, or pallets that contain products with a UPC or EAN product identification number.

GS1 DataMatrix

  • Accepted Characters: Full ASCII character set
  • Character Limit: Up to 2335 characters
  • Usage: Used for marking small items, and due to its ability to store a lot of data in a small space, it's popular in healthcare for labeling small vials and tubes.

GS1 QR Code

  • Accepted Characters: Alphanumeric, special characters, and Kanji
  • Character Limit: Up to 7089 numeric, 4296 alphanumeric, or 2953 bytes (8-bit binary)
  • Usage: Popular in mobile marketing campaigns, retail, and ticketing. It can store website URLs, plain text, contact details, or other data.

We hope you found our GS1 generator useful!

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