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How to Save a Google Form (Easiest Way in 2024)

In this article, we will show you how to save a Google Form, make a copy and save asa PDF in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below. 

How to Save a Google Form 

In order to save a Google Form, simply follow the steps below. 

1. Select Existing Form or Click "Blank"

On the Google Forms homepage, you'll see your forms. Click an existing title or select the "Blank" option with a '+' symbol for a new form.

how to save a google form

2. Add Questions and Customize Design

In the editor, use the right toolbar to add questions. Click the palette icon at the top to adjust colors and themes.

how to save google form

3. Ensure "All Changes Saved" Message Appears at the Top

Google Forms auto-saves your work. Check the top for an "All changes saved in Drive" message.

how to save google forms

4. Close the Tab or Navigate Away Safely

After saving, you can close the browser tab or click the Google Forms logo to return to the main page.

save a google form

5. Return to Google Forms Home to See Your Saved Form

Go to the main Google Forms page to see your list of forms. Your recent form should be visible.

to save google form

6. Click "Send" to Distribute Your Form to Others

To share, click the "Send" button at the top right. Choose from email, link, or embed options to distribute.

to save a google form
save google form how to

Make a Copy for Backup

Here are the exact steps to make a backup copy of your Google Forms: 

1. Select the Form You Want to Backup

Locate and click on the specific Google Form from your list that you wish to make a copy of.

save a google form how to

2. Navigate to Additional Options

On the upper right-hand side of your screen, there's an icon with three vertical dots. Click on it to reveal a dropdown menu of more options.

google form save

3. Initiate the Backup Process

From the dropdown menu, there's an option labeled "Make a copy." Select it to begin creating a duplicate of your form.

form save

4. Customize the Name of Your Backup

The new form tab will have the title prefixed with "Copy of." You can click on the title to rename the form as you see fit, ensuring you can identify it as your backup later.

how to save form

5. Confirm the Backup's Integrity

It's crucial to ensure the backup's accuracy. Take a moment to verify if all the questions, settings, and design aspects of the original form are replicated in your copied version.

google forms save

6. Check the Location of Backup in Google Drive

Your copied form is in the main directory of Google Drive.

google forms save how to

Save as PDF

Here are the exact steps to save your Google forms as PDFs:

1. Switch to Form Preview Mode

Ensure you view the form as a respondent, not in editing mode. Click the "eye" icon which is located at the top-right to preview the form.

to save form

2. Access the Browser's Print Menu

Locate the three vertical dots (or similar icon) at the top-right corner of your browser. This is usually the settings or options menu.

save form

3. Select "Print" from the Dropdown Menu

A dropdown menu will appear. From this list, choose the "Print" option to initiate the printing process.

save a form google

4. Set Destination to "Save as PDF" in the Print Dialog

In the print dialog box that pops up, find the "Destination" or "Printer" option. Change it to "Save as PDF" to ensure the form will be saved as a PDF file.

google forms save

5. Click "Save" to Convert Form to PDF

Once you've selected "Save as PDF" as the destination, click the "Save" button. Choose your desired location on your computer to store the PDF.

a google form save how to

We hope you now have a better understanding of how to save a Google Form.

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