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How to Make a Pie Chart on Google Forms: Simple Guide for 2024

In this article we will show you how to make a pie chart on Google Forms in just a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below. 

How to Make a Pie Chart on Google Forms

1. Navigate to the "Responses" tab.

At the top of the page of your Google Form, you'll see multiple tabs One of them is labeled "Responses." Click on this tab to view the collected data.

google forms pie chart

2. Ensure responses have been collected.

Before creating a pie chart, make sure you have received some responses to your form. If the count is zero, you'll need to wait or gather some responses first.

3. Click on the green icon with the label "Link to Sheets."

This icon looks like a spreadsheet with the label "Link to Sheets" or "View in Sheets" (if you already have an existing spreadsheet). This is located at the top right of the "Responses" section. By clicking it, Google Forms will create or link to a Google Sheets document containing the response data.

pie chart google forms

4. Open the linked Google Sheet.

After clicking the sheets icon, a pop-up window may appear. Choose to either link to an existing spreadsheet (Select existing spreadsheet) or create a new one. Once decided, click "Create" and the Google Sheet should open in a new tab.

how to make a pie chart on google forms

5. Highlight the data for your chart.

Within Google Sheets, locate the data you want to visualize with a pie chart. For our example, let's assume you asked a question like "What's your favorite fruit?" and you want to visualize the responses. Click and drag to select the columns or rows containing the question and its responses.

how to make a pie chart in google forms

6. Click on the "Insert" menu and select "Chart."

This will initiate the chart creation process. Google Sheets might suggest a chart type based on your data, but you can customize it according to your needs.

google forms pie chart quiz

7. Choose "Pie chart" from chart options.

On the right-hand side, you'll see a chart editor panel. Under the "Chart type" dropdown, scroll down and select "Pie chart." Your data will immediately be transformed into a pie chart within the Google Sheet.

google forms survey pie chart

8. Customize your pie chart (optional).

Using the chart editor panel, you can change the title, colors, and other visual elements of your pie chart to make it more appealing or match specific criteria you have in mind.

9. Save or share your pie chart.

Once satisfied with your pie chart, you can either download it as an image or share the Google Sheet containing the chart with others. For saving, click on the three vertical dots (options) on the top right corner of the chart, then select "Download" and choose your preferred format.

how to make pie chart in google forms

We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of how to make a pie chart on Google Forms.

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