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File Uploads in Google Forms: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

In this article, we will show you how to utilize the Google Forms upload file feature and share our process to test file uploads in Google Forms. Read on to learn more. 

File Uploads in Google Forms

In order to upload files in Google Forms, simply follow the steps below. 

1. Create a File Upload Question

To start, click on the “+” icon on the right sidebar of your form. This adds a blank question field.

google forms upload file

From the dropdown menu adjacent to the new question field, choose the “File Upload” option.

file upload in google forms

2. Acknowledging Storage in Google Drive

After activating the file upload feature, a notice appears indicating that any files uploaded by respondents will be saved in the form owner's Google Drive. Read this alert and comprehend its implications for your storage. Press “Continue” to acknowledge.

file upload on google forms

3. Choose Allowed File Types

In Google Forms, you can modify the allowed file types. Let’s explore this below.

Allowing Specific File Types: 

Directly below the question field, you'll find the option "Allow only specific file types." Activating this allows you to select from a list of file formats, including PDF, DOCX, JPG, and others. Choose the formats you want respondents to use for uploads.

file upload google forms

Open File Types: 

If you wish for respondents to be able to upload any type of file, simply leave the specific file types option deactivated.

can you upload files to google forms

4. Setting the File Size Limit

Located just below the file type settings, you can adjust the maximum file size for uploads. Configure this to determine the range you prefer, whether it's 1 MB, 10 MB, or as large as 10 GB.

can you attach files to google forms

5. Phrase the File Upload Instruction or Prompt

In the main question field (above the file settings), input a directive or query for respondents. This can be a clear instruction like "Upload

our report here."

upload file google forms

6. Making File Upload Compulsory

If respondents need to provide a file before form submission, turn on the “Required” toggle situated on the form's right side.

google forms file upload in

Testing and Preview

In order to test the Google Forms upload file feature, simply follow the steps below. 

1. Initiate the Form's Preview Mode

At the top of the Google Forms editing page, you'll find an eye-shaped icon that represents the "Preview" function. Click on this to view and interact with the form as if you were an actual respondent.

2. Navigate to Your File Upload Question

Within the form's preview mode, search for the section where you added the File Upload question. This area will stand out with a button or section designed for file uploads.

file upload google forms

3. Begin with Allowed File Types

Based on your prior settings, start your testing with the file types you permitted. For instance, if you only allowed PDF and DOCX files, start by uploading a PDF.

google forms file upload

4. Check for Successful Upload Indicators

After uploading an allowed file type, expect to see feedback. It typically displays the file's name or, for images, a thumbnail preview. This confirms that the upload process is smooth and functional.

to google forms can you upload files

5. Attempt Uploading a Disallowed File Type

Test the feature's restrictions by attempting to upload a non-permitted file type. For example, if you didn't specify image files in your allowed types, try attaching a PNG or JPG.

to google forms can you attach files

6. Try Multiple File Upload (if enabled)

If your File Upload question allows for multiple files to be attached at once, test this by choosing two or more files simultaneously. Verify that the multiple file upload feature operates without hitches.

attach files google forms

7. Validate All Uploaded Files

Following a multi-file upload, confirm that each file's name or thumbnail is visible. This indicates that every file was successfully uploaded.

upload files to google forms

8. Complete Other Sections and Submit the Form

After testing the File Upload feature, ensure you fill out any other questions in the form. Then, click the "Submit" button at the bottom to simulate a full-form submission.

 in google forms upload files

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to use the File Uploads in Google Forms feature and its different options. 

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