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Show One Question at a Time in Google Forms (Best Way in 2024)

In this article, we will show you how to set up the Google Forms one question at a time feature. Simply follow the steps below. 

How to set up Google Forms One Question at a Time

Follow the process below to set up your Google Form to show one question at a time and ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for respondents. 

1. Open the Form for Editing

Open the form you need to edit and ensure this form has all the necessary questions already set up.

google forms one question at a time

2. Click 'Settings' at the Top Center of the Editor

In your form editor, locate the 'Settings' button prominently displayed at the top center of the screen. This button will take you to various settings related to your form.

google forms show one question at a time

3. Switch to the 'Presentation' Tab in Settings

Within the settings menu, you'll see multiple tabs. Click on the 'Presentation' tab. This tab contains settings that alter how your form is displayed to those taking it.

4. Check 'Show Progress Bar' in Presentation Settings

In the 'Presentation' tab, find the option labeled 'Show progress bar' and check its box. This option, while enhancing user experience, does not split your form into separate pages but shows a progress bar indicating how far the respondent has progressed.

5. Insert Section Breaks After Each Question

Return to your form editor. Here, you'll need to manually insert section breaks after each question to ensure they are presented one at a time.

Click on the toolbar's section break icon (resembling two vertical lines) and place a break after each question.

6. Preview Your Form with the Eye Icon

To ensure everything looks as intended, use the preview option. Click on the eye-shaped icon located in the top right corner.

This allows you to view the form as a respondent would  to confirm that each question appears on its page

7. Changes Are Automatically Saved to Drive

There's no need to manually save your form as all changes are automatically saved to Google Drive. You can safely exit the editor once you're done adjusting settings and adding section breaks.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to set up the Google Forms one question at a time feature. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to make multiple pages on Google Forms or our article on how to close a Google Form at a certain time. If you want to know how to set up email notifications in Google Forms, we also suggest checking out our detailed guide. 

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