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Free Inventory Template for Google Forms (2024 Update)

In this article, we will show you how to use Google Forms for inventory management. Read on to learn more!

Free Google Forms Inventory Management Template

You can make a copy of this inventory management template for free. Right click on the file and select Make a copy. Feel free to modify the form fields as you see fit. 

google forms inventory template

How to Use Google Forms for Inventory Management

Below we explain how to use our form for inventory management:

Ensure you have all the necessary information about the item(s) you are adding to the inventory. This might include the item name, ID or SKU, quantity, category, location, purchase date, price, and supplier details.

For each item you wish to add to the inventory, fill out the form fields as described below:

Item Name

Enter the full name of the item. Be specific to avoid any confusion with similar items.


Type in the unique identification number or stock keeping unit (SKU) associated with the item. This helps in tracking the item in the inventory system.


Input the number of units of the item that you are adding to the inventory. Ensure the number is accurate.


Choose the appropriate category from the dropdown list that best describes the item. If your item doesn't fit any of the listed categories, select the closest match or contact your administrator for guidance.


Select from the dropdown list where the item will be stored. Accurate location information is crucial for efficiently finding items later.

Purchase Date

If applicable, select the date when the item was purchased. This information can be important for warranty and accounting purposes.


Enter the purchase price of the item. If you're entering multiple items with different prices, consider adding them as separate entries or noting the range in the description.


Type in the name of the supplier from whom the item was purchased. This is useful for reorder purposes or to address any issues with the item.

Here's a pre-filled copy of the form for your reference.

google forms inventory management

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to use our free Google Forms inventory management template. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our articles on how to use Google Forms with Trello and what server rejected means on Google Forms.

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