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Google Forms Cost: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

In this article, we will explore whether Google Forms costs money. We will also cover the advanced features of Google Workspace. Read on to learn more. 

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Does Google Forms Cost Money?

Google Forms itself is a free tool provided by Google. It allows users to create forms, surveys, quizzes, and more without any cost. This service is included with every Google account, including free Gmail accounts. 

However, if you need advanced features like enhanced security, increased storage, or business-specific functionalities, these are available through Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). 

does google forms cost money

Pricing Plans of Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers various pricing plans which include access to a suite of services, including enhanced capabilities for Google Forms, as well as other Google apps like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more. The cost of Google Workspace varies depending on the plan you choose.

1. Business Starter

A basic plan offering core Google services like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, suitable for fundamental collaboration needs.

Price: $7.20/user/month (monthly) or $72/user/year (annually).

Storage: 30 GB per user.

Ideal for: Small businesses or startups with basic needs, requiring essential collaboration tools and manageable cloud storage.

2. Business Standard

This plan provides enhanced meeting capabilities in Google Meet, more storage, and extra security and admin controls, ideal for growing businesses.

Price: $14.40/user/month (monthly) or $144/user/year (annually).

Storage: 2 TB per user.

Ideal for: Growing businesses that need more storage and better collaboration tools, suitable for businesses with a larger workforce or those dealing with larger files.

3. Business Plus

Offers significant storage, advanced security, and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management, catering to larger businesses with advanced needs.

Price: $21.60/user/month (monthly) or $216/user/year (annually).

Storage: 5 TB per user.

Ideal for: Larger businesses or those with advanced security and compliance needs, especially those handling sensitive data and requiring enhanced security features.

4. Enterprise Plans

Google Workspace's Enterprise Plans are designed for large-scale organizations seeking advanced and customizable solutions for their business needs. Here are two primary options for the enterprise plans:

Enterprise Standard: 

A customizable plan offering scalable storage and advanced security and compliance capabilities for larger enterprises.

Price: $27.60/user/month (monthly) or $276/user/year (annually).

Storage: Customizable.

Ideal for: Larger enterprises needing scalable solutions for storage, security, and compliance, with enhanced audit and management features.   

Enterprise Plus: 

The most advanced plan with all the benefits of the Standard plan plus additional features for the most demanding needs in security, compliance, and analysis.

Price: $36/user/month (monthly) or $300/user/year (annually).

Storage: Customizable and scalable.

Ideal for: Very large enterprises or those with the most stringent security, compliance, and data analysis requirements.

Each plan is designed to cater to different stages of business growth, from small startups to large enterprises. As the features escalate across different plans, businesses should select a plan that aligns with their size, data sensitivity, and specific collaboration and storage requirements. 

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We hope that you now have a better understanding that while Google Forms does not cost money, you can opt to subscribe to its Google Workspace plans to have access to additional capabilities of your Google Forms. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on file upload greyed out in Google Forms or our article on question options in Google Forms. If you want to know how to send a confirmation email in Google Forms, we also suggest checking out our detailed guide. 

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