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Does Google Forms Save Progress? The Ultimate Guide for 2024

In this article, we will explore whether Google Forms saves the progress of form creators and respondents. We will cover the Google Forms save progress feature and its limitations. Read on to learn more. 

Do Google Forms Save Progress?

do google forms save your progress

Does Google Forms Save Progress as a Form Creator?

Google Forms automatically saves your progress while creating a form. As a form creator, any changes you make are immediately saved to your Google Drive. This auto-save feature ensures that your work is not lost due to unexpected interruptions or browser issues.

Here's how it works:

Auto-Save: As you create or edit a form, Google Forms automatically saves every change. There's no need to manually save your work.

Cloud Storage: The form is saved to your Google Drive which allows you to access it from any device where you can log into your Google account.

Revision History: Google Forms also keeps a revision history. This means you can view or revert to earlier versions of your form if needed.

does google forms save progress

Does Google Forms Save Progress as a Respondent?

Unlike form creators, Google Forms does not natively support the feature to automatically save the progress of respondents as they fill out a form. This means that respondents typically need to complete the form in one session. 

If they close the form or their browser before submitting, their responses will not be saved, and they will have to start over when they return.

We hope that you now have a better understanding that while Google Forms saves the progress of form creators automatically, it does not automatically save the progress of respondents. 

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