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Can Google Forms Read Aloud? (The Ultimate Guide in 2024)

In this article, we will explore whether Google Forms can read aloud. We will also cover how to set up Google Forms to read aloud. Read on to learn more. 

Can Google Forms Read Aloud?

Google Forms itself does not have a built-in feature to read forms aloud to users. However, there are workarounds to make Google Forms more accessible, particularly for users who might benefit from text-to-speech functionality.

How to Set up Google Forms to Read Aloud

Follow the steps below to set up Google Forms to read aloud. 

1. Install a Text-to-Speech Extension

To make Google Forms read aloud, first install a text-to-speech extension in your Chrome browser. A recommended extension is Read&Write for Google Chrome. It's designed to aid with reading text on web pages, including Google Forms. 

Go to the Google Chrome Web Store. Search for "Read&Write for Google Chrome". Click "Add to Chrome" to install.

can google forms read aloud

2. Access Your Google Form

After installing the extension, open the Google Form you want to make accessible. If you haven't created one yet, go to Google Forms and select a template or start a new form.

google forms read aloud

3. Use the Extension

With the Read&Write extension installed, its con will appear in your browser’s toolbar. To activate text-to-speech in Google Forms, you simply click this icon when you are on your form's page.

can google forms be read aloud

4. Select Text-to-Speech Options

The Read&Write toolbar offers two text-to-speech settings: "hover speech" and manual text selection. Hover speech reads text when you hover your mouse over it. For manual selection, highlight the text you want to read aloud, then press play. Try out the text-to-speech feature to ensure it works as expected.

5. Share the Form

Once you've set up and tested the text-to-speech feature on your form, share your Google Form link with participants. Ensure participants know about the reading aloud functionality and how to activate it. Include instructions on using the text-to-speech feature.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of whether Google Forms can read aloud and how to set it up. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to set up a booking system on Google Forms or our article on what unlink form means in Google Forms. 

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