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How to Sync iCal with Google Calendar (Easiest Way in 2024)

In this article, we will show you how to sync ical (Apple Calendar) with Google Calendar from your browser and smartphone. Simply follow the process below.

How to Sync iCal with Google Calendar Using a Browser

Follow the simple steps below to generate the link needed to sync ical (Apple Calendar) and Google Calendar.

1. Access Your Apple Calendar via iCloud

Open your web browser and go to Sign in and launch the Apple Calendar app. This is where all your scheduled events and details are stored.

how to sync ical with google calendar

2. Open the Calendar You Want to Sync with Google Calendar

In your Apple Calendar, identify the specific calendar you wish to sync. Make sure it's the correct one as multiple calendars might be listed.

how to import ical to google calendar

3. Share Your Selected Calendar Publicly

Find and click the 'Share Calendar' icon, which is usually next to the calendar's name. In the sharing settings, toggle on 'Public Calendar'. This step makes your calendar shareable with non-Apple services like Google Calendar.

how to import ical into google calendar

4. Copy the URL of Your Publicly Shared Calendar

After selecting 'Public Calendar', a URL (web link) will appear. This is the link to your calendar. Copy it entirely. This URL is needed to add your Apple Calendar to Google Calendar.

how to sync ical to google calendar

How to Sync iCal with Google Calendar Using a Smartphone

Follow the steps below to sync your iCal (Apple Calendar) with Google Calendar directly from your smartphone.

1. Open the Apple Calendar on Your Smartphone

Launch the Calendar app on your iPhone. Ensure you are viewing the specific calendar you want to sync with Google Calendar.

how to sync ical and google calendar

2. Access Calendar Sharing Options

Tap on 'Calendars' at the bottom of the screen.

Find the calendar you wish to share, then tap the 'Info' button next to it. Scroll down to find the sharing options.

3. Enable Public Sharing for the Selected Calendar

In the sharing settings, turn on 'Public Calendar' and click 'Share link...". A URL will be generated. This is the link you'll use to sync with Google Calendar.

4. Copy or Share the Calendar Link

Copy the link provided. Alternatively, you can use the share option to send this link to yourself via email or message, for easy access on a computer when setting up Google Calendar.

How to Import iCal to Google Calendar

Follow the process below to import the iCal (Apple Calendar) link to your Google Calendar and sync your calendars.

1. Open Google Calendar on Your Computer

Navigate to Google Calendar in your web browser. Ensure you're logged into your Google account.

2. Add External Calendar via URL

Find 'Other Calendars' on the left side of the screen. Then, click the '+' icon.

Select 'From URL'.

3. Paste the iCal Link to Import

In the provided field, paste the iCal link you copied from the Apple Calendar sharing options. Click 'Add Calendar'. Google Calendar will import your iCal events.

4. Check for Synchronization

A prompt should confirm synchronization of the calendar.

Verify that the events from your iCal are now visible in Google Calendar.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to sync iCal with Google Calendar from your web browser and smartphone. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to sync Google Calendar with Apple Watch or our article on how to print a Google Calendar.

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