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How to Resend a Google Calendar Invite (Easiest Way in 2024)

In this article, we will show you how to resend a Google Calendar invite. Simply follow the process below. 

How to Resend a Google Calendar Invite

Follow the steps below to resend a Google Calendar invite, whether due to changes in schedule, venue or to add additional information.

1. Log In and Open Google Calendar

Navigate to Google Calendar by logging into your Google account. You can access it directly from the Google Apps menu.

You can also access it by typing in your web browser.

how to resend google calendar invite

2. Locate the Specific Event in Your Calendar  

Find the event you need to resend the invite for. Use the search bar at the top for a quick search by event name, or manually scroll through your calendar dates to find the event.

how to resend a google calendar invite

3. Select 'Edit' to Modify Event Details  

After finding the event, click on it to view a summary. In this view, locate and click the 'Edit' button which is usually represented by a pencil icon to open the event's detailed editing page.

4. Confirm or Update the Guest List  

Scroll down to the 'Guests' section on the event editing page. Here, you can see and review all the guests currently invited. Make sure the list includes everyone you intend to resend the invitation to.

5. Use the Message Icon to Resend Invites to Guests

Find and click on the envelope icon in the' Guests' section. This action allows you to send an updated invitation.

To remind guests who have not yet responded to your Google Calendar invite, tick the box labeled 'Awaiting response'. At this stage, you can also add new email addresses, write a subject and message, and tick the 'Send me a copy' box to receive a copy of the email. After making your selections, click 'Send'.

6. Ensure Invitations Are Successfully Resent  

Look for a confirmation message or notification on the screen, which usually appears after you click 'Send'. This message confirms that your invitations have been resent to the selected guests.

You can also check your email for a copy of the email resent Google Calendar invite to guests.

7. Monitor Guest Responses in Event Details

Keep track of who has responded to your recent invitation. You can do this by reopening the event and checking the RSVP status of each guest in the 'Guests' list.

8. Follow Up Directly if Responses Are Pending

If some guests haven't responded within a reasonable time, consider sending them a direct follow-up. You can do this by sending a personal email or message, inquiring about their availability and reminding them about the event.

How to Modify and Resend Google Calendar Invites

Follow the simple process below to modify an event and resend your Google Calendar invites. 

1. Locate the Specific Event in Your Calendar

First, find the event you need to update. Use the search feature for quick access or navigate through your calendar. Click on the event to view its summary.

2. Click the Pencil Icon to Edit Event Details 

In the event's summary, find and click the pencil icon. This action opens the event's editing mode, where you can change details like the time, date, location, and more.

3. Confirm or Update the Guest List

While in edit mode, check the 'Guests' section. Here, review and adjust the invitee list. Remove guests or add new ones as needed.

4. Save Changes and Choose to Resend Invites

After editing and making your updates, click 'Save'.

A prompt will appear, offering you the option to send updated emails to existing guests. Here, you can also add an optional message for the guests. Click 'Send' to inform the attendees about the changes.

You still have the option to click the message icon and choose specific guests to resend the invitation to, if necessary.

5. Ensure Invitations Are Successfully Resent  

After sending the updates, look for a confirmation message. This ensures your updated invitations have been correctly dispatched.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how to resend a Google Calendar invite. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like our article on how to send a Google Calendar invite or our article on how to share a Google Calendar.

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