Save time on spreadsheet tasks

Lido is a new spreadsheet built for automation.  Pull data from any source and use formulas to trigger instant email or Slack notifications when your spreadsheet changes.

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Automatically import data

Always work with the latest information in your spreadsheet

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Join data visually

Build a real-time snapshot of your business in one place for exploration and analysis.

Add custom columns

Add note or status columns that stay synced when your data updates, without modifying the underlying data source.

Build real-time KPI dashboards

Build custom dashboards powered by your spreadsheet data for easy sharing.

Send emails or Slack messages with Action formulas

All the power of VBA and Apps script, none of the foreign syntax.

Trigger Actions directly from your spreadsheet

Automate repetitive tasks with spreadsheet powered rules and triggers.

Send notifications when a cell value changes

Build a custom Slackbot for KPI alerts

Automatic task due date reminders